Even after Boeing’s former CEO did H-1B visa fraud and used $9/hr HCL India fake engineers and killed 347 people in the process, it still hasn’t learned its lesson.

The new CEO is about to axe 12K more American workers and ship their jobs to India.

Same ol’ same old.

Expect more planes to fall out of the sky,

The India Inc looters are still alive and operating inside Boeing.

We live in an age where every fix is the opposite of what it should be – and only make things worse.

The FAA banned HCL from ever working on the 787 proj again – it should ban it from Boeing entirely.

India has proven it cannot do flight-ready engineering safely.

That’s it Boeing – keep doing what has been proven not to work.

Yet the insanity continues…..


Boeing’s former shitcanned Indian Mafia CIO who presided over the 737 MAX disaster. But no doubt the same old crap will continue @ Boeing. Expect more disasters.

“On Wednesday, Boeing executives announced their plans to cut more than 12,000 American jobs over the next few months — including 5,520 voluntary layoffs and 6,770 involuntary layoffs set for the next three weeks.

At the same time, Boeing India executives say they are planning for a major expansion:

“Over the next couple of years, we expect Boeing’s India presence to be the largest outside of the US. Boeing has been a proud partner with India for more than 75 years, and we’re just getting started. We want to contribute to the growth of India’s aerospace industry. That’s why we’re investing in commercial and defence across the development of aerospace technology, innovation, production capacity, supply chain, aerospace skilling centres, manufacturing and the modernisation of airport infrastructure and airspace,” Boeing India president Salil Gupte told [Times of India]. [Emphasis added]”

What a load of bull. Boeing didn’t start outsourcing to India until 2000 at the earliest. 75 years. What a bunch of crap. The US would not even allow trade with India until 1998.

Frank Bullitt19 hours ago

“7-8 senators signed a letter supporting the H1B program. Both Republican senators from Idaho signed. Vote them out. Corrupt. Taking money from big tech. Bringing in thousands of Indians to Boise to work at Micron. Indian CEO. Doesn’t hire Americans.

Did someone say Micron? Another US tech company built by Americans and stolen by the Indian Mafia.

Sanjay Mehrotra

Criminal Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. Willfull H-1B visa fraud violator. Discriminates against American workers in violation of EEOC rules.