Congratulations, SpaceX.

And while Elon Musk may be an immigrant (from mostly-white S Africa), most of SpaceX’s workers are Americans – and mostly white Americans at that.

Sorry, but those are the demographics.

Resuable rockets, massive cost savings, American human return to orbit on American hardware, sleeker, slimmer, better tech. Newer, better, lighter spacesuits. There’s little doubt SpaceX will make it to Mars first.

So much for all the “Americans-too-stupid” hype.

Where is Azim Premji and his “America does not have the talent” now?

Has India ever built anything like SpaceX?

Even once?


It wasn’t armies of outsourced foreign guest workers who pulled this off.

It was American workers.

How long before we hear more howls of “white supremacy” all around?

Demographics don’t lie.

Maybe Hillary Clinton can find a way to give away SpaceX to India and China now.

Or maybe Emily Chang can help her find a way to.

Or perhaps Obama can make a statement to the SpaceX workers telling them “You didn’t build that – someone else made that happen”.

SpaceX is America’s bright new star – even eclipsing companies like Apple, now. BTW, Apple has mostly filled up with foreign workers now – and has stagnated again as a result.

Congratulations, SpaceX, congratulations American workers, and Congratulations, Elon Musk.

Now imagine what America would be like if all American workers were not being held down, exiled, and cast to the sidelines in favor of foreign workers who have never produced anything close to something such as SpaceX.

In the 1990’s before American workers were thrown out for being too productive, America was like SpaceX everywhere.

No immigrant workforce is ever going to produce anything like SpaceX – nor will any country such as India or China or even Russia. The best those countries can do is live off industries, tech, and jobs all created by Americans.

This launch should put to rest forever the lies and hype about how America needs millions more foreign workers.

America is back – thanks to Americans.

SpaceX lays off 10% of staff by email as Falcon Heavy, BFR, and ...

SpaceX’s workforce is mostly American as these photos show.