Yep. Every time capitalism suceeds in a huge way, the socialists get really upset.

Once upon a time all of America was like SpaceX – booming, prosperous, incredible.

Before our communist enemies, the BRICs plundered us, and dumped the 3rd world on us, that is.

SpaceX’s achievement proves capitalism is alive and well, and soaring.

In a PR stunt, the CCP launched 2 rockets on 2 consecutive days after the SpaceX success. Can’t have those Chinese citizens asking why China doesn’t have anything such as SpaceX.

No mention of the fact that China could not get a rocket into orbit until it bought western rocket tech from Loral and Hughes in 1997 when then-president Bill Clinton signed export waivers for those companies.

Socialist countries simply do not produce brilliance. Russia, India, and China could never produce something as brilliant a SpaceX or Crew Dragon – even with free industrial handouts and $100 trillion of stolen US industry.

Yet the CCP continues to say it wants to “extinguish all independent thought”.

Wonder why communism never works? That’s why.