According to CNN anyone who tries to defend their nation or race is a “white supremacist”.

Why doesn’t the MSM ever call attention to the out of conntrol Indian anti-white racism going on in Silicon Valley and tech today?

Maybe Juan can hop a flight out to San Jose with a camera crew and report on this:

Welcome to Silicon Valley – stolen by Indians from white Americans who built it. How come there is no CNN camera crew in San Jose showing this racism on TV? Hmm? We challenge Juan Williams and CNN to actually report on this. Will you do it, Juan or are you just a hypocrite?

Indians + other Asians have stolen Silicon Valley from the white Americans who worked 80 hours a week to build it. It’s not “white supremacy” to merely demand the return of what was stolen from you – for which you worked for decades to earn. Takeover and occupation is not the same as actually building something.