Is Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and its CEO Edmund O. Schweitzer doing criminal visa fraud also?

We smell another greedy cheap labor exec who just wants to make more profit by violating H-1B visa law when millions of Americans are available for jobs.

A DOL H-1B LCA search reveals the company employs about 175 H-1Bs since 2017 – all of them paid well below the prevailing wage for engineering professions – around $83K.

“The founder and president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has written a letter to President Donald Trump objecting to restrictions placed on work visas for immigrants seeking to earn employment in the United States.

Schweitzer stated that SEL often prefers to bring employees to the country, where they can contribute to U.S. society, instead of employing them outside the country”.

The clown is probably not aware that his company’s engineering tech is being stolen by India and moved back there so India can start its own companies and put his out of business.

Schweitzer objects to Trump’s immigration order