Sounds fine + dandy, but we all know India Incs bring in millions of foreign L-1 visa workers every year, there is no numerical annual limit on L-1’s, and India Incs illegally place them all the time at 3rd party client sites for work.

Oh – and Senator Diane Feinstein testified before Congress in 2003 that none of you pay taxes.

Not to mention all the trade secrets and jobs you steal when you get trained by Americans in the US – and then move those jobs back to India.

In 1998 before the invasion, the US had a massive tax surplus – because most good tech jobs were held by highly-paid Americans. Now that the cheap labor L-1 looters have taken over, the US has a massive tax deficit.

You’re not paying taxes.

And if you replaced Americans in their jobs, you are not here legally – you violated Section 1182 of Title 8 of US immigration law to get in – and that makes you an inadmissible alien.

Stop the lies, theives.

Doesn’t look like you are paying taxes to us.

If looter Indians were paying taxes, the US would not have gone from a massive tax surplus in 2000 to a massive deficit today.