Forbes has been totally taken over by open-border propagandists.

There is no shortage of skilled US workers – with 40 million Americans out of work, there is now a surplus.

Forbes and the open borders lobby has to keep pretending there is a shortage because they all know that under Title 8 of US law it is illegal to import any foreign worker if Americans are unemployed.

The propaganda sewer lying pipeline that is Forbes should be closed down under RICO because it is attempting to subvert US law.

Smells like another paid NASSCOM PR piece to us.

The article’s author is also an NYU professor – and NYU is known for its radical leftist views and agenda. He’s also associated with The Labor Market Institute. If all of that doesn’t make you shutter he’s also a former Israeli Banker. Must be one of cheap-labor criminal wage-fixer Alan Greensapn’s buddies.

Labor markets – as in cheap labor markets – something every wage-fixing businessman in the US wants.

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