“William Engdahl ( https://www.globalresearch.ca/america-own-color-revolution/5716153 ) explains where the money for Black lives Matter, Antifa, Act Blue, and associated socialist organization partners in overthrowing “whiteness” comes from—the Ford Foundation, Soros’ foundations, Kellogg Foundation, Ben & Jerry’s, Hewlett Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Heinz Foundation, Apple, Disney, Nike”.

Yep. It’s all about jealous globalists + corporates getting rid of those pesky productive white people – since it is they who created the modern world, create new industrial booms, and are a threat to the existing power structures.

Their only response is to get rid of white people as a result.

But don’t worry – there is no war on white America. It’s all a conspiracy.

Funny, but Nike’s stock just tanked, and sales are way down, thanks to a nationwide US boycott.

If you think we are not in a race war, think again.

BLM ‘Is a Mandate from the People,’ ‘Pay Us What You Owe Us’

American workers demand the $100 trillion in industry other nations stole from white Americans who created them.

Pay Us What You Owe Us.