All thanks to the H-1B industrial spy program and international student programs which are the way these foreign spies get into the US to steal US tech.

The H-1B program must ended for good now.

India + China are making out like bandits off Amercia. Consider that:

  • Americans do all the work in developing new tech
  • Using American VC $
  • And taking the risks that ventures may fail
  • Then China + India walk in and take over by replacing Americans engineers via H-1B
  • They move all the stolen tech back to Asia
  • China + India never have to pay for the R +D, and never have to take the risks of loss if the ventures fail.
  • Americans lose their jobs for succeeding and doing all the hard work.

No wonder Chinese generals are over there laughing at how dumb America is saying “We can’t believe what we are getting away with”.