Fast Company even surpases the WSJ and NYT for it’s anti-white, anti-American racism. These clowns surpass even Michelle Goldberg and Sarah Jeong in their anti-white racism.

All Americans should boycott this POS mag forever – drive them under. Drive them out of business.

Proably taken over by communist enemies of America.

Let’s cancel the 4th of July this year

“As America reckons with its shameful past and piteous present, perhaps we should just skip the fireworks and hot dogs of our most patriotic holiday and commit to doing better”.

Shameful past? Who created the modern world and everything in it? Whose industries were given away to the rest of the world for free – and lifted 2-3 billion people out of poverty as a result?

White Americans, that’s who.

Without the white American nation the modern world and everything in it wouldn’t even exist.