Uh oh – another new fake NASSCOM “study”. Most of these studies are fake, paid for, or made up by open borders intersts or NASSCOM itself.

You can bet NASSCOM helped organize the study with Stilt – a racist immigrant-only lender which violates the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Where is law enforcement?

The article uses some data from an Indian source – Quartz, and it doesn’t provide any sources for the actual data. Wild claims of immigrants spending billions into the US economy are lies. These people come to the US and live in India Inc guest houses, paid for by the companies – often up to 30 workers in one house, and they remit billions back to India out of the US economy every year. India is the largest recipient of remittances in the world. Many don’t want to be American – costs are too high in America. They want dollars so they can conver them back into Rupees back in India. US dollars are worth a FORTUNE in India. Many H-1Bs come to the US, work 6 years and remit $500,000 back home in 6 years. They return home at age 30 and retire like kings. All that money would have been spent or saved into the US economy if Americans had held those jobs.

Quartz has also published propaganda articles claiming Indian immigrants pay tens of billions into Social Security and Medicare – also false. India Incs bring millions of workers in on L-1 visas who pay no taxes.

The fact is these armies of foreign workers are a massive drain on the US economy. They also keep Americans out of jobs, which has a massive secondary negative impact on the economy because those newly impoverished Americans aren’t earning and spending as they were before.

Of course the Indian media is falling all over itself with one excuse after another as to why America needs these losers.

The fact is India needs our jobs and our tech.

First it was IT workers, then it was COVID-19 doctors and nurses, now it’s the taxes they allegedly pay that will save America.

Problem is, exactly the opposite has happened: the US, which had a tax surplus in 1998 has seen its tax base collapse since it began to import these jobs robbers.

As Sen. Diane Feinstein testified in 2003 before congress, L-1 visa holders (which Indian companies bring in by the millions to illegally place at other firms) pay no income taxes. And when an American employer hires an H-1B or OPT worker, they are exempt from paying Social Security (FICA) taxes. So contrary to what the Indian propagana says, importing more of these workers is collapsing, not helping our tax base. It’s one of the prime reasons our social security and Medicare systems are going bankrupt.

Pure propaganda lies out of the Indian Mafia.

Many of these Indian workers work on contract, pay no taxes, send all their money home in the form of remittances, and loot the US. Not only don’t they pay taxes, they benefit enormously off the exchange rate. Their “die for dollars” mentality is one of the prime causes of our economic problems.

Our stupid gov’t thinks that by importing more people it is shoring up the tax base when in fact, importing more people whose goal is to loot us actally has the opposite effect.

As Indian programmers in Silicon Valley say “Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!”.

When Americans ran the economy 22 years ago we had a massive surplus. The more of these remittance-hungry parasites we import, the worse the situation will get.

Business lobbies + India Incs driving down wages and driving Americans out of jobs is the real reason for the tax base collapse.


The US had a tax surplus in 2000 when Americans ran the economy. 22 years of importing guest workers has led to a tax base collapse.