Madness Links

Jul 18, 2020


Biden Drops N-Word

Return Of Feudalism

Soros Pouring $220 Mil into ‘Racial Justice’ Movement

Illegal Immigration’s Drain on U.S. Hospitals

Farm lobby demands migrant work visa slaves

Microsoft, Tech Investors Promote ‘Dreamers

Walmart Sued

Ivanka Trump Couldn’t Get More Out Of Touch


Biden vows to end green card caps

DACA Amnesty as End of Road for GOP

Indian-American in Maine wins Democratic primary

Trump Secretly Authorized CIA

Pence Warns of Biden’s Turn to Socialism: ‘It Looks to Me like Bernie Won’

Turkey Converting Buildings Into Mosques Across US


All Prior History Is Cancelled

Minneapolis City Council Declares Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’

Why Diversity Policy Is Toxic


Preppers Are Laughing Now

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe

Mass exodus out of New York City

India coronavirus cases pass one million

Fauci Urges Governments to Be ‘as Forceful as Possible’ on Mask Mandates

COVID-19: Phase 1 Of The “Permanent Crisis”?


87 projects eligible for ‘China exit’ subsidies

Trump’s looming Huawei ban puts 800 companies on the spot

Increased freelancer protections edging closer

Some estimates indicate about 30% of freelancers are aged 60 or older

Japan sets policy promoting digitization of society

UAE Mars orbiter’s liftoff from Japan Monday

Baskin-Robbins ice cream served in a Poké Ball in Japan


Xcode – you were just too racist

Websites Crash Worldwide as Cloudflare Suffers Outage

Real-Time License Plate Database Revealed

Pentagon Reveals Hypersonic Missile 

Xbox cloud gaming service in September