The “billions in taxes paid” is highly suspect. The US tax base is collapsing.

As CA Sen. Diane Feinstein testified before Congress in 2003, L-1 visa holders pay no income taxes – and India Incs use those visa holders by the millions.

In the 22 years since the US began importing massive numbers of foreign visa workers, the US tax base has collapsed.

It’s the main reason the US is bankrupt + $22 trillion in debt.

Stop the lies NAEF. America is being sucked dry by these remittance parasites.

American workers spend their $ here, foreign workers come here for dollars to remit home, which are worth a fortune in the 3rd world.

Many foreign STEM workers return to India after working 6 years in the US on work visas – and retire like kings at age 30 off the dollars they remitted out of the US.

NAEF never even mentions remittances at all in any of its data.

NAEF is an open borders communist front group.

Before the armies of foreign workers arrived, US had a tax surplus and was booming. Not any more.