Greatest Hits

A few of our all-time greatest hits.

Donate to US Tech Workers March To Fight For H-1B Reform

Ro Khanna: “I was honored to be joined by two incredible leaders, @SenRobPortman & Intel CEO @PGelsinger, to discuss…”

‘There’s always shortage of experts. US is country of immigrants even the founding fathers traveled from different countries’

DOJ: Outsourcing Firm Discriminated Against Americans, Offering Tech Jobs Only to Foreign H-1B Visa Workers

Indian cyber agency alerts users of multiple bugs in Adobe products

H-1B: Nearly 3/4 of Valley techies are foreign

‘Americans deserve to be able to work & thrive in their home communities’

Asians steal Silicon Valley, scream oppression

WCWOA exposes USIN-PAC Foreign Meddling

Biden: Indian Americans ‘Are Taking Over this Country’

Bloomberg: Visa Workers Take 2/3rds of New Tech Jobs Each Year: Breitbart

Biden Admin Suggests Foreign Workers Have a Right to Take US Jobs

‘Twitter Does Not Believe In Free Speech’: Twitter Employee Says Colleagues Are ‘Commie As F**k’

‘Do what many of us have been doing to teach those American losers a lesson. Sabotage their interviews, keep them out of jobs’

India Bullied Facebook into Censoring 27 Mil Posts in 1 Month

Apple gets robbed by Indian + Chinese industrial theives – again

Dr. Sam Richards pumps H-1B lies @ Penn State

Job Robber Tarandeep Bawa named Small Business Person of the Year for Maryland

“A headhunter told me 10 resumes came across her desk with the exact same information except for ten different Indian names on top”

Bill Clinton: I Tried to Put Russia on Another Path

India-Oz FTA opens visa flood gates

Scott Morrison confident of India-Australia trade pact opening big door

‘GE Research Center in Niskayuna NY is notorious for hiring only foreigners on work visas’

7 Twilio Indian Americans charged in $1 mil insider trading ring

‘My Readers (American And Indian) Comment On “The Indian CEO Virus”‘

RICO Rusty Roberts, John Mica’s Chief of Staff, to run for Congress

Immigration and the Crisis of Low Wages

Propagandists funnel foreign talent through “high-skilled” visa program

Silicon Valley Needs To Quit Whining About H1-B Visas

US students excel in CS, outscoring China, India, Russia, Stanford study says

H-1B Visa Abuse: So Bad That Even Biden’s Crew Can’t Ignore It

‘Highly-skilled. That’s a laugh’

If the US wants to punish India, suspend issuances of H-1B visas. That would actually have the positive effect of helping American workers

Raimondo Urges Chips Act Boondoggle or US Faces ‘National Emergency’

Savage interviews Peter Schweizer: China’s Takeover of the USA

“Charles Edwards” is the man pictured in the photo who just pled guilty to stealing software and databases from the government”

Chamber of Commerce + Suzanne Clark rig the US labor market

Foul-mouthed foreign invader tells displaced US tech workers to “FUCK OFF”

Intel “robs Apple” of the main architect of the M1 chip

Lamont’s $18M Grant to Infosys Helping to create “nightmare” Workplace in Hartford

Silicon Valley homeless are dying in the streets

Gina Raimondo’s Husband Is Executive at Tech Firm Funded by Chinese Gov’t

HCL Paid Less Salary To H-1B Employees? Rs 700 Crore H-1B Malpractice By HCL?

Fraudhwa hypes up India Inc theft of US big tech companies

Report on HCL Wage Theft from H-1B Workers + Preferential Hiring Highlights the Need for Oversight, Enforcement, Reform of Visa Program

Infosys paid Americans handsome dollars to do nothing

Deloitte agent Simu Liu: “We’re stronger when we don’t put up walls”

‘Vishal Garg is his name. His company got a $750 Million Dollar Cash Injection right before he fired 900 employees’

Gina Riamondo gives away US chip industry to Taiwan

Mainstream Economists Are Struggling To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse

‘Y’all, I think the CEO of Twitter is on H1-B’

Shell Companies Sell Job Letters to Foreign Students, ICE Keeping New Data Private

Employment Situation of Immigrants + Natives in the 3rd Quarter of 2021

“100,450,000 People Not in Labor Force”

Silicon Valley Rep. Ro Khanna’s campaign to pay $16K to FEC is now online

Chinese spy convicted trying to steal trade secrets from GE Aviation

Labor Productivity Crashes 5%, Worst Decline in 40 Years

Jeff Sessions calls for suspension of employment-based immigration

Indian Mafia’s plan to take over + invade VA has failed

NJ Governor in town, talks immigration, visa issue with IIT students

Immigration Voice caught red-handed paying CATO Institute to push pro open-borders studies

India what do you have to offer other than cheap labor

‘How prioritizing diversity + collaboration fuels success’ – Forbes

Hindutva has arrived in America!

A decade after Jobs’ death, has  traded magic for profit?

Bean Dip Terrorists Stalk AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema in ASU Toilet


Asian tech talent helps JPMorgan compete: CIO

Chinese whistleblower reveals counterfeit ballots were printed in factory in China

Fake Ballots from China Were Uncovered by A 3rd Gen CCP Princeling

You represent the interest of IT outsourcing firms that employ H-1B visa workers to displace American workers. You DON’T represent Americans’

How Seriously Should Whites Take the Ever-Increasing Racial Hate Directed at Them in the Press?

Cancel-culture Mayorkas Touts ‘Counter-Domestic Extremism Plan’

Disclosures Reveal Jen Psaki was Employed by an Israeli Spying Firm

Anti-Modi protest held outside White House 2nd day of US visit

Harris-Modi meet a ‘coming-of-age’ moment for Y2K Visa Overstayers

Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech, 9/19/21

Ro Khanna: Unemployment rate is 23 Percent, Reich runs cover

H-1B Harris: ‘As I’ve often said: immigrants make our country stronger’

How You can Fight Back against the Communist Party of China

Remember when Indians claimed they invented Silicon Valley?

Mobilizing Y2K Visa Overstayers to Vote Democratic with They See Blue Podcast

Pro-India Group Funds Kennedy Against Markey in Apparent Attempt to Access US Military-Dual Use Tech

Ramesh V Kapur in conversation with nrinews24x7

‘Former VP of @Cognizant is suing his old employer saying they lied to @USCIS when they used B-1 and L-1 visas in lieu of H-1B to save money’

Indians now largest groups of illegal aliens apprehended in US

Australia’s hidden people smuggling scandal

Bill Clinton exposed in ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’: Monica Lewinsky Has a Gift for the President

NJ is now nearly all Indians + Mexicans

Success of Asian Americans debunks CRT, ‘Inconvenient Minority’ author says

Is China the most racist country in the world?

DOJ sues Facebook over its hiring of foreign workers 🇮🇳

‘Indians not allowed. How come? Global travel bans on Indians are illogical, and may be reflective of prejudice’

Emails Show Biden Campaign Pressured Facebook to Censor Trump Before the Election

‘Does Indian Society Train Indians to be Cheat and Lie?’

Nisha Biswal, the RSS, and Conflicts of Interest

India ranks 43rd on World Competitiveness Index

Shitcanned Failed Loser Hillary Clinton: ‘Putin Made It His Mission to Deny Me the Presidency’

Expulsion of Asians from Uganda

The Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’

NASSCOM hype: ‘Why The US Is Losing Industrial Thieves To Other Nations’

“APCs then ran over the bodies time and time again to make, quote ‘pie’ unquote, and remains collected by bulldozer. The Remains were incinerated and then hosed down into the drains”

Indian-origin psychiatrist tells Yale audience she thinks of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way”

Left Attacks Trump Appointee Who Dares Tell the Truth: Immigration Is Used to Replace White Americans

Jean Case of National Geographic Society is delusional

H-1B Harris: ‘Every American worker deserves the chance to build their skills and increase their earnings’

What Caused the Homeless Crisis, and How to Fix It—Interview w Michelle Steeb

How Critical Race Theory is Brainwashing the California Classroom | Dr. Wenyuan Wu

Indian American driverless Tesla backseat rider busted for stunt

India hires lobbyist Ferox

CA AG Announces Formation of Racist Justice Bureau to Enable Industrial Theft

Confirmed: FedEx shooter was displaced by Indians at FedEx

Hiring at some of the country’s elite institutions paints a troubling picture

Job Destruction Newsletter Archive

Entire crew of Ever Given, container ship blocking Suez Canal, is Indian

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

H-1B violator Satya Nadella, bought US lawmakers appalled by the ongoing acts of justice against Asian American job robbers

We Are Not Villains: India Inc

Indian-origin engineer steals Xeon chip files @ Intel

‘How damn stupid do you have to be to let firms from India control USA computer systems?’

Malkin interviews Rep. Gosar about OPT disaster program

We knew all along the India Inc mafia wanted SpaceX jobs

RICO Wipro Under The Spotlight For Citibank’s $900 Mil Mess

H-1B Shill Mark Cuban’s Mavericks won’t play national anthem anymore

India Inc RICO shop Deloitte screws up $44 mil CDC vaccination app

Yellen made over $7 mil from speaking at Wall Street firms including Citadel

U of Wisconsin Publishes Reading List on ‘Disrupting Whiteness’

US Says Accused Chinese  Secrets Thief Had Classified Patriot Missile File

‘Tom Donohue says he wants to import 10 workers for every one job so wages will never go up’

US Chamber to Joe Biden: Help Americans by Importing Foreign Workers

India-damaged Intel re-hires American CPU architects

Indian Americans excited over someone who “looks like us” becoming VP

Biden’s DHS pick Mayorkas sold Green Cards to Communist Chinese

Ban The RSS In The UK – Nazi Ideology

Can Joe Biden ensure America’s inevitable decline will be peaceful?

Indian-Origin Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde Lays Out ‘Global Approach’ to Censor Americans

Communists Use Racial Agitation Terrorism + Socialism For Communist Revolution

13-year-old abducted, gang-raped by 9 men in India, 7 held

The Economic Truth or Terror is Known at Last

Work Visas May Work Against the US: 2007

Indian Media gloats over Harris/Biden win

BJP Opressors Meet Various US Politicians + Biz Leaders

Indian news covers up India’s destruction of Silicon Valley

Persecution of Uyghurs in China – a window into our future?

Since 1999 US labor participation rate has never recovered

Suresh Nageswaran: “I purposely failed them along with white people”

Invader from India tells US how to run its immigration system

Eric Weinstein: ‘The reason we have sky high STEM immigration is wage tampering’

Senate passes its first race-based bill, S386

20 Indian-Americans lead Biden-Harris transition teams, inserted into US agencies

Wipro, Infosys, Accenture destroying Apple’s Tools division

Stealing : Apple Plans Major ‘Make In India’ Expansion For iPads, MacBooks

Diversity + Inclusion @ Microsoft India: As long as you are Indian

‘This is for a STEM position in the US. Pay is less than minimum wage’

The Great Reset, Part III: “Capitalism” with Chinese Influence

Debunking Chamber of Commerce Lies

The Displacement of the Straight White Male –

IBM’s Arvind Krishna: How Indians are taking over global IT giants

Delusional Flynn: ‘We’ve industrialised the world. We’ve come to the aide of damn near every country on earth’

It is starting in Japan too…

Kamala Harris does victory dance with kids, no masks anywhere

6 Similarities Between Modi’s BJP And Hitler’s Nazi Party – Butchers Of Humanity!

Hindu Transgenders Telling Christian Missionary to F-off Out of Here

Still Time To Do What Is Right By Taking Action Against Unregistered Foreign Agents Out Of India

Armed protesters alleging voter fraud surround the home of MI’s Sec of State, Jocelyn Benson

Smartmatic’s Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is tied to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

Poetry for Politicians: Crime On You Crazy Biden

You want data on displacement of American workers DOL? Here you go: Race replacement in Silicon Valley

Donate to US Tech Workers March To Fight For H-1B Reform + Against S.386

Trump meets with tech workers + signs order on ‘hiring American’

India’s Workers Target Rick Scott for Blocking S.386 ‘Green Card Lite’ Bill

Indian cult kills children for goddess

Cannibal monks of Varanasi: Indian tribe feasts on human flesh, drink from skulls

Kamala Harris Received $81,000 From Planned Parenthood Clinics Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Kamala Harris compared ICE officers to KKK

Kamala Harris ‘Ringleader of the Anti-Catholic Bullying’ in Democrat Party

Michelle Malkin + Sara Blackwell: H-1B bombshell movie

Pompeo Offers $10 Mil Reward On Election Interference

Kshama Sawant has communist affiliatons + was admitted to US illegally

Racist Rogen Actively trying to make less starring white people”

Nazi Hindtuva Indian racist running for office in Houston

Companies ruined or almost ruined by Indian labor

Intel decline traced to Indian Mafia execs

Intel fires Indian-origin chief engineer Murthy for production failures

Intel ‘Stunning Failure’ Heralds End of Era for U.S. Chip Sector

India Mafia former Amazon + Microsoft exec took $5.5M in fraudulent PPP loans

Cognizant Ex-Employee Files Lawsuit Against CEO, Board Members For Bribing

Chamber of Commerce Sues to Import Foreign Workers with 26M Jobless

Delusional Defamer Biden: H-1B Workers ‘Built this Country’

Cambridge U Promotes Indian Mafia Academic After ‘Racist’ Tweets

US Agencies Still Hiring H-1B Visas for American Jobs

Catastrophic software errors doomed Boeing’s airplanes + nearly destroyed its spaceship

Wipro, Infosys, Accenture destroying Apple’s Tools division

‘It’s a shame what’s going on with Apple – starting to become very mediocre’

Apple’s Xcode tools no longer reliable

Trump, Rubio hit Disney over H-1B

Cancel The White Men – What’s Left?

S386 is racism

‘Indian nationals are in front of Sen. Durbin’s home right now protesting about bill S.386; the bill that would allow nationals from India on H-1B visas to monopolize all employment based Green Cards for the next 15-17 years’

Prathap NM, hailed as ‘drone scientist’, passes off German + Japanese drones as his own

USCIS Launches On-line Tip Site for fraud

India Inc Blog Merch Available

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