This is going on all over America and it is why our econ is falling apart.

Indian Mafia staffing companies steal an American’s resume, paste an Indian’s name on it – and send them in for the job. Or Indians in ICCs make up fake resumes entirely.

When the fake fraud H-1B invader gets the job and goes to work, he/she feeds all the work back to India to someone who can do the work – and then pays them a monthly amount.

All of this, under H-1B law, of course is total criminal fraud.

Meanwhile truly skilled Americans who created the IT industry are going begging for jobs in their own country – the real enigneers who built America – not these fake frauds.

Not the Smartest People In The World™ Mr. Trump – massive rampant fraud in the IT job market in America.

Why do you allow mass organized crime from the criminal nation of India to continue, Mr. Trump?

Where is the rule of law now, Mr. Trump?

End the H-1B fraud program now, Mr. Trump – it is destroying the US economy.