Well there go the rest of the healthcare jobs in NYC. Now they’ll all be funneled out to India Inc staffing companies and Americans will be displaced by H-1B healthcare workers from India.

This is how the Indian mafia rolls – they put their agents into executive positions, then they target all Americans for layoffs, then they outsource the jobs to India Inc staffing companies.

The exact same thing happened to Boeing when its India Inc CIO fired all American engineers and gave their jobs to HCL outsourcers from India.

We’re being gradually and silently taken over + invaded.

And of course the Indian Mafia will lie to the US gov’t and jump up and down and swear it can’t find enough skilled American workers so it needs more H-1Bs. All lies of course – since it’s going to replace the skilled Americans who are already in those jobs.

More takeover, more invasion, more unemployment for Americans.

Of course he was appointed by communist NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio – who most likely hates Americans more than Indians do.

Is DeBlasio taking money from Health + Hospitals Corporation and the India Inc mafia? Without a full investigation we may never know. But bribery is a way of life in India.

We need to wake up now, people.

New York– Indian American doctor Dave Chokshi has been appointed New York City’s heath commissioner to lead the next phase of city’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Appointing him, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday that Chokshi was a “leader and a visionary” who was “ready to fight this fight” against the pandemic as city girds itself against the risk of a second flare up and the oncoming flu season.

In the city’s highly politicised environment, the previous health commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, resigned on Tuesday expressing “deep disappointment” with de Blasio, who had sidelined her and her health department, relying instead on the Health + Hospitals corporation“.

Boeing’s now canned former CIO Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker – who removed skilled American engineers from their jobs and funneled all the jobs to his India Inc henchman buddy @ HCL (shown above) C Vijayakumar. These mafia were the ones who caused the software programming fails that caused the deadly 737 MAX crashes in 2019 which killed 347 people. Now they’re going to be running NYC’s entire healthcare system. Guilt by association? Maybe. But wait and see. It happened @ Boeing, Intel, Lehman, and Sun Microsystems.

The same thing happened in Silicon Valley – which is now mostly racist Indians.