India sure does want the west to go away.

According to this delusional loser, everyone else borrowed everything from India.

One Indian minister even claimed India invented the internet 5,000 years ago.

These people are total Nazis.

U-turn theory

“According to Malhotra, the Western appropriation of Indic ideas and knowledge systems has a long history. According to Malhotra, in what he calls “the U-Turn Theory”,[21] the appropriation occurs in several stages:[24][25]

  1. In the first stage, a Westerner approaches an Indian guru or tradition with extreme deference, and acquires the knowledge as a sincere disciple.
  2. Once the transfer of knowledge is complete, the former disciple, or/and his/her followers progressively erase all traces of the original source, repackage the ideas as their own thought, and may even proceed to denigrate the source tradition.
  3. In the final stage, the ideas are exported back to India by the former disciple and/or his followers for consumption. Malhotra cites numerous examples to support this theory, dating from the erasure of Upanishadic and Vijnanavada Buddhist influences on Plotinus to the modern day reimportation of Christian yoga into India”.

Transfer of knowledge? No, that would be what India is doing to America today – stealing Silicon Valley, claiming “Microsoft and Google are Indian companies”, throwing all the Americans who built them out, then claiming they came to the US in the 1960’s and built the place.

All complete lies, of course.

These people are the biggest parasitic thieves on the planet. And they are ripping the US apart.

Here’s The Truth: Shiva Ayyadurai Didn’t Invent Email

Did someone say appropriation? Indians didn’t invent Silicon Valley. Americans did – India moved in on H-1B visas and knowledge transfered all of it to themselves so they could take credit for it. “Knowledge transfer” is India’s codeword for industrial theft. Cons and theft are all India know how to do.

Who is busy erasing the history of Silicon Valley and claiming they invented it now? India is.

Not made by India.

India: Not coming to the US in the 1960’s and building Silicon Valley.