Tunku Varadarajan - Rate My Racist Professor : Rate My Racist Professor

A permanent foreign resident now controls the Hoover Institution‘s editorial policy. No wonder we see so much foreign propaganda come out of this open borders think tank.

We will conduct a long march through the institutions – indeed.

“In the August 21 edition of The Wall Street Journal, Tunku Varadarajan, executive editor at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a legal permanent resident, takes the left to task for its attitude towards immigrants. That attitude is many things at once: paternalistic, patronizing, opportunistic, cynical, simplistic, and misleading.

Having watched all four nights of the Democratic National Convention, Mr. Varadarajan “found the Democrats’ obsession with immigrants grating.” That’s because “scarcely a speech or segment went by in which a fetish wasn’t made of immigrants. They were portrayed, almost uniformly, as victims—hapless people thwarted by ‘systemic racism’ and American injustice, moored forever in a netherworld of murk and fear by President Trump’s refusal to be humane”.

However, he is on much shakier ground when he seeks to contrast identity-politics-embracing leftists with so-called “nativists” who “regard the foreign-born as inherently unassimilable.” Admittedly, in a country as populous (330 million inhabitants) and diverse as the United States, one is bound to find some people who express outlandish or extreme points of view. So, some “nativists” who hold such crude, simplistic, and deterministic views exist.”.

Except that that is exactly what Federal law itself says – not “some people“.

Too bad all “legal” immigrants are inadmissible aliens too if their entry to the US harms the “wages or working conditions of American workers similarly employed”.

We have 40 million Americans unemployed currently.

And if they are so hapless then why are they so good at infiltrating and taking over American institutions?

This is just one more example of the fact that the people we are letting into the US today seek to take over, conquer, and control America. Their views are extreme, and unpopular – not the views of Americans.

Foreign workers with an anti-America invasion agenda get positions of power in our institutions, then use them to pump lies designed to hasten the invasion + takeover.

Varadarajan is also a NYU + Columbia professor + scholar. Like other Indian professors in western universities, he most likely pumps open borders lies to American kids.

These people who espouse their extreme views should be arrested and deported instantly. There is no room in America for lies and propaganda such as this.

The takeover + manipulation continues……..

WaPo Poll: 65 Percent of Americans Want All Immigration to U.S. Halted


“Early life and education

Tunku Varadarajan was born in Delhi, India. His earliest years were spent in New York, where he attended The Town School.[3] He later attended Mayo College in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India with his brother Siddharth Varadarajan, as well as Dulwich College, London. After high school, he attended Trinity College, Oxford University from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in law in 1984″.

Welcome to Silicon Valley71% immigrants who are just “hapless people thwarted by ‘systemic racism’ and American injustice”.