Pretty much already in its grave. Our cities are dying. Mass homelessness and unemployment. Caving to White Guilt. Most wealth owned by 1%, greedy Wall St, and big US corporations. Few good jobs left, middle class being destroyed, collapse of jobs and companies. In the end only a few ultra-rich will be left standing. Everyone else will be eating tree bark + drinking dirty pond water.

On top of that, continued mass importation of cheap foreign labor and enemy industrial spies who are looting Rome to the ground while the gov’t fiddles.

$27 trillion in debt.

America has fallen already – and in just 20 years.

Does this sound like a strong America or keeping America competitive to you?

Who or what is going to save America now? Americans are tired of the treadmill, being overworked, when there’s nothing in it for them. You can only give it the ol’ college try for so long before you run out of steam.

Without direct full national support from the gov’t, which doesn’t appear ever likely at this point, America will not survive.

The most likely end game scenario is another world war, conquest by China, Russia, and India all at once, and finally enslavement of the American people after the war is over. And yes, this one will be nuclear.

Our enemies have already grown more powerful than we are, and we can’t fight 3 of them at once. America (and Europe) will probably not survive.

The reckoning is at our door.

“Sandia’s white executives locked Peterson out of Sandia’s email network so that he could not receive support from his 16,000 fellow workers, who have had enough of self-hating white bosses badmouthing white employees

The anti-white racist bosses at Sandia have been identified as James Peery, Director, Dori Ellis, Associate Director, David White, head of the Cyber R&D Center, and Mark Sellers, Associate Director for the Mission Assurance Division.  These self-hating whites “have made it clear that they want to force critical race theory, race-segregated trainings, and white male reeducation camps on their employees.”  All dissent will be severely punished.  Those who accept the reeducation will be the ones promoted. Those who reject their brainwashing will be purged.

The question that needs an answer is why are the white executives who run Sandia destroying the confidence of white employees in the white race?  If Congress really represented the American people, there would be an investigation”.

And the answer to that is simple: most of them are America-hating communists. After all, it was Mao who said “We will conduct a long march through the institutions“.

He meant our institutions too.

Better learn how to hunt + fish now, people – and better get in shape now for the coming conflict.

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