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Should we really allow our security jobs to fall into enemy hands?

Symantec has become one of the most notorious offshorers/abusers of H-1B visas in the US.

The company has an astonishing 388 pages of H-1B LCA applications with the Dept. of Labor. Not 388 jobs – 388 pages of jobs.

Symantec is abusing the H-1B visa system on a massive scale. There are millions of skilled American workers available who could do these jobs.

The numbers of H-1B workers only fell @ Symantec after Trump’s immigration restrictions started in 2019.

Full boycott now. Don’t buy their products.

Very sad, since once upon a time in America, Symantec helped start the IT industry by producing 2 seminal compilers – THINK C and THINK Pascal. Now the traitorous company has turned on the workers and nation which gave it life.


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