Dear International Religious Freedom Advocates, 
This is regarding a rising Hindutva Group in America so would you please contact the Mayor and Council Members of Redmond and educate them on what kind of people  / group Hindutva really is and what they do to Christians,  Muslims,  Dalits and other minorities which is supported by Hindutva Groups in America. 
Thank you, and God Bless
Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

I am writing to strongly urge you to support the original Resolution No. 1534 sponsored by Councilmember Khan, or the Option B amendments.  We need a resolution that specifically condemns the documented hate promoted by the group APPWW and its leaders/speakers, and affirms that the promotion of hate is not approved or condoned by the City of Redmond.

I expressly do NOT support Option A on Resolution No. 1534, as it is INSUFFICIENT for the impacted community and the safety and well-being of the City and its residents.

Numerous community members and leaders have provided public comment supporting a SPECIFIC resolution condemning the hate promoted by APPWW and its leaders/speakers in the past 4 weeks. More than 1,500 emails have been sent by a multiracial, multicultural, multi-generational and multi-faith community that represents the vibrant city that Redmond truly is. NEVER BEFORE IN ITS HISTORY HAS THE CITY WITNESSED A DIVERSE MOBILIZATION OF THIS NATURE.

Without the appropriate context and background specifically about APPWW in the resolution, the general statement against hate or Islamophobia loses vital meaning.  It really is like saying "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter" as CM Khan has explained.

The community has made clear to you what is needed here to address the harm:  a resolution or statement specifically condemning the documented hate by APPWW and its leaders/speakers.  Please listen to those directly impacted community members in their ask -- which is supported by over 140 organizations and hundreds upon hundreds of other community members, including elected leaders.  Do not dilute the resolution by removing the reference to APPWW, rendering it inadequate and ineffective.

President Obama, in response to President Trump%2��s refusal to specifically condemn those perpetuating hate in Charlottesville, said "How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?"

I pose the same question to the City of Redmond: how hard is it to condemn the documented hate and bigotry promoted by APPWW?

This should be a simple moral choice.  I hope you make the right decision here and help alleviate the harm that has been caused, intentionally or unintentionally, by the City of Redmond's engagement with the group APPWW by specifically condemning the numerous examples of documented hate by APPWW and its leaders/speakers.

Please pass R-1534 in its original form, or the Option B amendments, in order to have a resolution SPECIFIC TO THE COMMUNITY NEEDS AND THE CONCERNS THAT PROMPTED IT.

Thank you