Madness Links

Sep 13, 2020

Thousands Sign Petition to Prosecute Pelosi for Coronavirus Violations

Job Satisfaction Jumps for U.S. Engineers While Salary Growth Slows

US Judge Rules Saudi Royals Must Answer 9/11 Lawsuit Questions

From 9/11 To COVID-19: Nineteen Years Of Permanent “Emergency”

Students can’t answer basic questions about 9/11

Surprise! Politicians aren’t following their own COVID rules…

Princeton Math Prof Dares To Challenge University’s “Systemic Racism” Narrative

NIST benchmarks show facial recognition technology still struggles to identify Black faces

Graham Slams ActBlue Over Donations After Group Drops Nearly $200 Million On Biden Campaign

Maldives Offers $52,000 Remote Office ‘Work From Paradise’ Package

WI Legislators Push for Law Change to Allow DACA Illegal Aliens to Become Police Officers

WI Group Files Complaint Against Zuckerberg-Funded Group for Election Meddling

Millennials Are Coming For The Boomers’ Money

SoftBank set to sell UK’s Arm Holdings to Nvidia for $40bn

The Caustic Wages Of Perpetual Fear

Russia Sends Elite Airborne Troops To Belarus For Drills As Putin Hosts Embattled Lukashenko

Oregon Wildfires Force 500,000 People to Flee Homes, Businesses

World Economic Forum’s Techno-Totalitarian Roadmap

Omar Shifts Her Tone on 9/11

OHIO: Get Ready For COVID-19 FEMA Camps

The latest on Charlotte City Council ethics complaints

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Another Scare-You-To-Death COVID-19 Computer Model Surfaces

Noncitizen Voting Disenfranchises American Citizens

Mexico Acknowledges That Uncontrolled Mass Migration Is a Problem

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Claims She Has “Evidence” COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab

Global Suicides Continue to Explode under Covid-19 Tyranny

Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

Top Hollywood Actress Exposes Growing Trend of Raping Babies

‘The Atlantic’ Escalates Its TDS-Tantrum, Urges End To Nobel Peace Prize

Japan filmmaker Kurosawa wins best director award at Venice

Osaka wins US Open for 3rd Grand Slam title


Oracle Reportedly Wins Bidding War For TikTok; Microsoft Offer Rejected

Travel giant will close Seattle-area office and slash 235 jobs

Portland City Council votes to ban facial recognition technologies in public places

Portland passes nation’s strongest facial recognition ban for government and businesses

Apple Watch SE confirmed for Sept. 15 event

Apple ‘increasingly focused’ on succession plan for Tim Cook, leadership team

Apple allows game streaming on iOS, but demands approval and a 30% cut

Apple Just Created Insane Rules for Cloud Gaming on iPhone

Tesla begins fast electric car charging in Berlin

Tesla Model Y Owners Confused to Find Wood Bracing Car Components

Uber promises 100% electric vehicles by 2040

A new era of digital currencies with Chinese characteristics

AI Promises Not to Destroy Humanity, but We Don’t Know If It’s Telling the Truth

Amazon Halo team hints at larger ambitions, with ‘full roadmap’ of health devices

Google Launches Android 11

Google Announces Android 11 Go Edition

Facebook and Dolby join Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative

AurusAI is the first 2-mile mm wave 5G broadband modem

Catalog bags $10 mil to fund DNA storage tech

Congress probes how AI will impact U.S. economic recovery

Control’s Publisher Still Can’t Explain Why Only New Buyers Get Free Upgrades

Cruise’s AI enables driverless vehicles to navigate uncommon scenarios

DuckieNet lets developers test autonomous vehicle systems using toy cars

First Mode wins $1.8M contract to build hardware for Psyche mission to asteroid

First Photonic Quantum Computer on the Cloud

Is crypto mining really moving to North America?

Ikea’s Iconic Catalog Gets Interactive

Iron Ox raises $20 mil to grow robotic greenhouse operations

Lack of ‘expertise’ is the biggest barrier for implementing IoT solutions

Microsoft details attacks from Russia, China and Iran against presidential campaigns

Everything you need to know about the PS5

Sony rethinking PS5 price now that it’s learned what the Xbox will cost

Microsoft Offers Free Video Game Development Workshop

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC gives you a ton of great games for $10

You Could Win an Xbox Series X at Taco Bell

Microsoft’s updated DeepSpeed can train trillion-parameter AI models with fewer GPUs

GameStop considers installment plans for PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series X

EA Play subscription service is now a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Standalone VR headsets are finally ready to make a big leap forward

Report: Nintendo Increases Switch Production Again

Why in-game ads have become the go-to revenue strategy

You can use a flight stick for Star Wars: Squadrons on PS4 and Xbox One

Dune trailer breakdown: Spice, sandworms, and Pink Floyd

IBM and Red Hat launch hybrid cloud software marketplace

Mint Mobile Launches Its First Unlimited Plan

Orchard raises $69 mil to develop ML for buying + selling homes

Former NASA Head Predicts Commercial Rockets Will Beat SLS

Walmart Plus goes live Sept. 15 — but you can try it free

Unhappy With SoftBank’s Stock Price, Masa Son Reportedly Considering Taking Company Private