RSS / HSS / BJP Help To Turn Texas from Red->Blue With Their Support of Sri Kulkarni

From a reader:

“Dear Religious Freedom Advocates, 

The RSS/HSS / BJP  / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist are trying to help turn Texas from Red  o Blue because they support Sri Kulkarni. Again where is the Trump Administration and Feds ?

Why is the RSS/HSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist / Foreign Powers being allowed to influence, collude and meddle in our elections including through unregistered Foreign Agents after we just spent 4 years hearing about it being wrong and illegal to have Foreign Powers and Foreign Agents influence , collude and  meddle in our elections!

Will President Trump ignore our nation is falling into the hands of Foreign Powers / Foreign Agents just so he can get a piece of the Indian American Hindu support / vote and / or because he is supported by the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist unregistered Foreign Agent RHC Chairman Kumar?

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