Lily Mei
Fremont Mayor Lily Mei

But don’t worry, there are no foreign spies in the US.

Looks like as with most of stolen Silicon Valley, the Fremont Mayor may actually be an unregistered foreign agent from China.

No wonder American tech workers can’t get any justice and enforcement of visa fraud or tech hiring – most of the valley is now run by foreign agents.

Looks like the Chinese mayor met with an all-Chinese gov’t foreign delegation without anyone else present.

Looks like it’s a virtual certainty she’s a foreign agent.

We need a full FBI/DOJ investigation now.

In fact, this is going on all over the US.

“On September 28, 2020, Fremont Mayoral Candidates Vik Bajwa Singh, Naz Khan, and Justin Sha met to discuss the clandestine July 5, 2019 meeting. Naz Khan and Justin Sha filed a Public Records Act request to obtain an official statement from the city about the secret meeting held at Fremont City Hall between Chinese Government and City of Fremont, including Mayor Lily Mei and Consul General of China, San Francisco Mr. Wan Donghua

On the morning of July 5, 2019, the Chinese ambassador and his staff were covertly hosted by Fremont Mayor Lily Mei,  behind closed doors on city property. Although this meeting was held at Fremont City Hall, no members of city staff were present—only the staff of the Chinese ambassador Donghua Wang. Moreover, the Mayor neglected to inform any city staff , thus violating Local and International Laws, stipulated by US Department of Homeland, FBI, CIA“.