Rep. Bill Flores's Campaign Just Endorsed State-Sanctioned Execution of  Political Opponents – INDIVISIBLE AUSTIN
Racist Iowa Rep. King Suggests Executing Clintons Over Fake Scandal -  National Memo

The Clintons, who more than anyone else are responsible for putting America’s decline in motion 20 years ago while in office, should have been arrested and executed for treason long ago.

Not only were they caught red-handed selling US ICBM secrets to China via Loral and Hughes, and signing the tech export waivers for the same, they were also caught red-handed along with Al Gore taking cash from the Communist Chinese.

Not to mention giving our industries away to India and China.

In fact, the CCP generals in the 1990’s referred to Bill Clinton as “our man in Washington“. How are these 2 traitors still walking around scott-free, especially since we now have the evidence against them as proof?