“Dear Ambassador Brownback and USCIRF VC Tony Perkins,

This case regarding Father Swamy is another concerning case in India which should be closely examined and monitored by the US State Department and USCIRF especially since the RSS / BJP, Ram Madhav, The India Foundation, present Finance Minister Sitharman and Nationalist Security Adviser Doval used American Brannon Michael Parker to lie to the US State Department in the RSS Propaganda Report Harvest of Hate to justify and coverup Human Rights Abuses, Religious Persecution of Christians , the rape of Sister Meena and who really killed Swami Laxmanananda .

I remind you again that the RSS Investigator / Author / Unregistered Foreign Agent American Brannon Michael Parker has confessed to me by email and in recorded interviews that he concluded Maoist killed the swami but the RSS largely ignored it.

After the RSS / BJP , Ram Madhav, The India Foundation, Sitharaman and Doval ignored that Maoist killed the swami then 7 Innocent Christians were wrongly convicted in a sham trial and imprisoned for killing the swami.

It appears real cases involving Maoist are ignore but fake cases they use to attack Christianity.

Again I have some recorded interviews that Brannon Michael Parker made in Kandhamal while interviewing victims, witnesses, suspects, tribal leaders, police, justices and others linked to the swami’s murder and the Kandhama Riots and I strongly suspect those interviews could be used to bring Truth and Justice for the swami, the Persecuted Christians of Kandhamal and the 7 Innocent Christians if the US State Department and USCIRF would just show some interest.

One of the interviews is with a BJP Leader who is alleged to be the Kandhamal coordinator of  swami’s murder so I am not sure why the US State Department and USCIRF would ignore that if they truly care about Truth, Justice and Religious Freedom in India

Also the case against Swamy appears to be a case that involves FACEBOOK”.


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