COVID-19 was a staged scam from the very start. Lockdowns were designed to destroy businesses.

Not for no reason: 1) to keep the central bankers in business by preventing American workers from becoming too well-off, 2) to assuage the loser feelings of foreign powers such as India + China who saw their free ride gravy train off the backs of Americans coming to an end, 3) to placate the failed loser elites who had already wrecked the country and stole workers’ wage increases to fatten their own bottom lines since they couldn’t do so any other way.

Not for no reason, Mr. Rickards.

For the express purpose of keeping Americans down.

We’ve been duped.

This is why – illegal criminal wage-fixing by central banks via manipulation of the labor supply. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business. Isn’t that right, Mr. Greenspan?