This group wants open borders and does not respect immigration laws of nations.

Just because you have some philosophy or want open borders around the world does not mean you get to nullify every law of every country.

America has immigration laws and you are going to respect and obey them.

Any group which seeks to subvert US law is an enemy of America and must be dealt with as such.

Where is the FBI?

India is trying to take over our Congress. It’s that simple. Indians come in on temporary guest worker visas, never leave, then run for office and take over gov’t just like they took Silicon Valley and most STEM jobs from Americans who created them. This is not immigration. This is invasion and Hindtuva takeover of America.

Guiding Principles

Americans4Hindus (“A4H”) is a non-partisan independent political action committee. A4H’s mission is to encourage and promote public policies that em- brace pluralism, mutual respect and liberty.

A4H believes in freedom, liberty and equal protection under the law for all regardless of race, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation or disability
A4H does not support any gender or race based affirmative action policies.

If you are “for” any special group in particular, then you are against equal protection under the law and in favor of affirmative action. You can’t have it both ways. India is pushing its agenda in America while at the same time claiming it’s not.