Tech giants’ shares soar as companies benefit from Covid-19 pandemic

Probably another fake study engineered and paid for by India’s NASSCOM.

During the COVID-19 crisis, corporate profits have been soaring and the wealth of billilonaires has gone up 30%. This article is pure propaganda.

More scare tactics: if we don’t import more cheap foreign labor the sky will fall and Wall St. and business will die.

Why didn’t all the H-1B workers we continued to import under the exception to Trump’s H-1B EO keep the economy going and profits up as promised?

When the exceptions to the EO were made, we were promised these people would help us recover from COVID-19? We let them in. Why didn’t they do what they promised to do?

The dean of Harvard Business school is an Indian National – Nitin Nohria.

Why is the head of Harvard Business School lying about stock market valuations?

We can assure you, what has actually happened here is India’s IT lobby NASSCOM got together with Mr. Nohria to scheme up this fake study.

Sort of like when Vivek Wadhwa did a mere phone survey to find out how many Silicon Valley founders were foreign born and then called it a “study“.

Prithwiraj Choudhury mentioned is also an Indian national.

These fake studies are hyped up fraud used to convince the public that we need more foreign H-1B invaders to move in and take over our companies. Pure lies.

Foreign powers are manipulating the US and its institutions.

Mr. Bahar’s website is a billboard for open borders globalism. He’s from Venezuela. So here we have 3 of the 4 study authors being from foreign countries. Why is it always foreign nationals who tell us we need more foreign workers? This is pure international socialism and that is all it is.

Mr. Nohria is a liar and a fraud. Tech profits soared under Trump’s H-1B restrictions.

We need a full FBI/DOJ/DOL/ICE investigation of Mr. Nohria now.

“The Trump administration’s June crackdown on foreign workers with H-1B and other visas wiped $100bn off the stock market value of the largest US companies, according to boffins at The Brookings Institution, Harvard Business School, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In a research paper distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, authors Dany Bahar (Brookings), Prithwiraj Choudhury (Harvard), and Britta Glennon (Wharton) analyzed the market capitalization of 471 Fortune 500 companies before and after the President’s Executive Order (EO) banning certain foreigners from entering the States, to track changes in those corporations’ cumulative average abnormal returns”.

Tech giants’ shares soar as companies benefit from Covid-19 pandemic