There is a massive skilled labor oversupply, not a shortage.

Business just wants cheap labor.

This is more cheap labor shortage shouting.

Looks like everyone @ Dickinson Wright needs to be investigated for labor market manipulation, collusion, and wage-fixing – all of which are Federal crimes.

You have no right to rig the labor market. You have no right to guaranteed cheap foreign labor. In fact, Title 8 of Federal law says otherwise.

These people are labor market manipulating criminals in law offices. White collar crime.

“Despite the uncertain economic climate and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, labor markets are still extremely tight in many sectors and industries. Hence, employers will no doubt continue to have to resort to sponsorship of high-skilled foreign workers to fill their critical position openings, in order to stay productive and competitive in 2021. Given that there have been no substantive changes in the US immigration laws from Congress in the past several years, all of these questionable Executive Branch actions will simply continue to confuse and unfairly burden employers accessing the legal immigration system. Dickinson Wright remains steadfast and committed to helping those companies to continue access their rights under the law, and to remain vigilantly complaint with all US immigration rules and obligations. Please feel free to contact us at any time about the recent news above, or in connection with any other needs you have for your valued (and valuable!) foreign worker populations“.

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