Look who’s talking, California. Non-whites invaded + took over CA and ran most white people out. CA is now minority white at an estimated 40%. In 1980 it was 70% white.

It is about race – it’s about non-whites’ war on white Americans – after whites built and handed over the greatest state in the US.

Do these people use computers, the internet, or smartphones?

None of those things would exist without the white CA of the past.

Whites have literally been run out of CA by racists.

It’s white ex-Californians who should be demanding racial justice. They worked to create CA but had it taken away from them by losers.

The lazy non-productive classes have to learn that they are not entitled to what others worked for.

Enjoy your collapse.

Dr. Matloff continues:

“As Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post put it last Friday on NPR (emphasis added):

…this election is not just a choice between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, but it’s a choice between American democracy and white supremacy.

This putatively racist president actually increased his support among people of color and other minorities. The Left cannot stand something so diametrically counter to their narrative”.

The simple truth is you will never unite America as long as you continue to point out race. Because one group of people are more accomplished + work harder + invent more than others isn’t the fault of the more successful group – it’s the fault of the less successful groups.

Where were non-whites when white Californians were working 80 hours a week around the clock to create Silicon Valley?

Answer: nowhere to be seen.

Now everyone else is upset that white Californians worked 80 hours a week to create Silicon Valley and are more successful and rewarded more because of it?

Other groups didn’t create anything. They didn’t work 80 hours around the clock for 30 years to build the envy of the world – Silicon Valley. They didn’t put out the effort, so they don’t reign supreme.

But they sure wish they could.

Once upon a time, an angry Indian national came up to us @ a CalTrain station in S. San Francisco on the platform at 11:30 PM and when he saw our laptop bags slung over our shoulders he walked right up to us and screamed our faces: “EVERY GREAT THING CAME FROM INDIA YOU MOTHERF*****!“.

CalTrain Passenger Car #4000 | RailroadForums.com - Railroad Discussion  Forum and Photo Gallery

It actually happened.

It isn’t white peoples’ fault you’re a failure.

It’s your own fault.

Work harder.

Stop licking communism’s boots back home.

Produce your own equivalent of Silicon Valley.

Create more, give more to society, work more.

Maybe too then you can be….. supreme.

America is divided because those who produced had what they earned taken away from them by those who didn’t earn it – and they were run out of their state and industry in thanks.

They now demand social justice.

Yet the lazy and non-productive classes can only scream white supremacy.

You can never unify a nation as long as you continue to divide people with your rhetoric.

How about we start talking about non-white failure instead of white supremacy?

Keep attacking the classes that keep the country going and then wonder why the country is falling apart.