India has succeeded in maneuvering its agents into the Presidency + Vice Presidency.

Why does the US tolerate unregistered foreign agents in the US gov’t?

We have laws against this – FARA laws.

India will now have agents in the DOL – making sure no H-1B and other work visa enforcement can ever take place.

India continues to control + use America like a puppet.

20 more in teams to prepare Biden-Harris team to lead America on Day One.

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To ensure that the incoming Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration hits “the ground running on Day One,” a 500-member transition team, including more than 20 Indian Americans, has been set up to put America “back in the game.”

Days after he named former surgeon general Vivek Murthy to co-chair a task force to address the critical coronavirus pandemic issue, Biden rolled out several agency review teams (ARTs) with at least three Indian Americans as leads.

Arun Majumdar of Stanford University heads the Department of Energy transition team; Rahul Gupta of March of Dimes heads the Office of National Drug Policy team; Kiran Ahuja of Philanthropy Northwest heads Office of Personnel Management team.

There are at least 20 other Indian Americans in ARTs relating to the Departments of State, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Justice, Labor, and the Federal Reserve“.