From a reader:

“Dear Religious Freedom Advocates,

Interesting article regarding BJP and India Government meddling in US Elections and helping President Trump through members of the OFBJP but they appear to ignore that the OFBJP mostly supports Democrats and have ties with the Biden / Harris Campaign through Amit Jani whose father was the co-founder of the OFBJP who has illegally operated in the USA for years as Unregistered Foreign Agent for the RSS / BJP.

I find Ram Madhav statements to be interesting because he has close ties with the US India PAC Chairman Sanjay Puri (Trump supporter in 2016 and Biden / Harris Supporter in 2020) who is a Unregistered Foreign Agent for the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist who persecute Christians including RSS / BJP Ex. Ram Madhav who hired and used American Brannon Michael Parker to justify and coverup Human Rights Abuses, Religious Persecution, the rape of Sister Meena and who really killed Swami Laxmanananda in the RSS Propaganda Report Harvest of Hate which Ram Madhav submitted to the US State Department in 2009 and deceived them into wrongly revising their conclusion on the Kandhamal Riots.

The Trump Administration is now complaining about Election Integrity / Fraud Issues when approximately for two years the Trump Administration including Ambassador Brownback, Policy Adviser Riley Barnes, USCIRF VC Tony Perkins and others have been aware of Election Integrity / Fraud / Foreign Interference Issues but appear to have done nothing about it instead of protecting our National Security and Elections from Foreign Interference /  Fraud by Hindu Radicals who they know are Persecuting Christians, Muslims, Dalits and other minorities in India.

The article appears to be right about President Trump not caring about Human Rights because it appears that the Trump Administration especially Ambassador Brownback, Policy Adviser Barnes and USCIRF VC Perkins have largely ignored that the RSS / BJP persecuted Christians in Kandhamal and then used a American to lie to the US State Department to justify it and cover it up.

Plus look at the past four years which the Trump Administration has largely ignored the Religious Persecution of Christians, Muslims, Dalits and others  in India and then using the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime in their campaign ads while ignoring they helped build Rep Tulsi Gabbard, Rep Krishnamoorthi, Sri Preston Kulkurni and other politicians .

Dear President / Trump Administration, Ambassador Brownback, Policy Adviser Barnes and USCIRF VC Perkins you still  have time to make things right by condemning Religious Persecution in India by the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Radicals and taking action against their Foreign Agents who are interfering in our elections“.

Ram Madhav confusing BJP for India: India under Modi took US for granted