The reality is that the criminal Indian Mafia that has invaded the US is engineering our elections.

They are deliberately moving to conservative white southern states to try to outpopulate white people so they can gain a majority there to prevent any nationalist from every taking office.

Just as the Indian Mafia manipulates Democratic candidates to promote open borders policies so they can invade us, it now manipulates entire elections in the US.

Sorry Mr. Trump, but you picked the wrong peoples’ boots to lick. Now they have you out of office. Did that Howdy Modi event and trip to India work out well?

“There are so many elections. There are so many dates. It’s so confusing,” says Vyanti Joseph of Cobb County.

Keeping her community informed pushed her to become involved with the group They See Blue. The national organization mobilizes Democratic South Asian voters. That’s voters from countries including India, Pakistan and Nepal

That’s also racist and illegal. It’s election tampering. We need all these illegal Nazi groups shut down under RICO laws now.

“I get goosebumps just thinking about it,” she says. “I had to teach my children you’re brown, your mother has an accent, we have strange names. When your friends come over, they’re going to smell curry in the house. And, of course, once they did, they never left the damn house”.

More delusional Indians. No one wants to smell that crap. In fact, it drives Americans out of their apt. complexes in other states. Why do you think Americans are fleeing CA after you people destroyed it? No one wants your crappy culture. Stop being delusional.