Indian-only USIN-PAC – a racist unregistered foreign agent of the Modi gov’t of India wasted no time in getting together with Joe Biden to press their racist agenda in the US.

Says the man who just partied with the 100% racist USIN-PAC Indian-only organization.

If you want to see systemic racism Mr. Biden hop a flight to Silicon Valley and look around.

When will you do anything about the 100% India Inc staffing companies who are conducting mass systemic racism + ethnic cleansing on Americans in the workplace?

Systemic racism is really codeword designed to guilt white Americans into surrendering their jobs to cheap labor invaders.

Biden’s new Chief of Staff is a former corporate lobbyist.

It’s all about cheap illegal foreign labor.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of systemic racism.

Systemic Racism in Silicon Valley.

Systemic Racism @ Deloitte.

Systemic racism.

Systemic Racism.

Systemic Racism.

Systemic Racism.