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Nicholas Garaufis

Talk about dictators.

Communist judges are all over our courts and are going to do anything they damn well please.

Any scheme to keep America’s borders open.

No wonder – the good judge is a Columbia grad. Columbia. of course being home of the Frankfurt School and a hotbed of communist indoctrination.

He’s also a Clinton appointee and former Chief Counsel of the Federal Aviation Administration – you know – the FAA that was found to have colluded with Boeing to import cheap $9/hr

illegal engineers to work on the 737 MAX program which killed 347 people. That FAA. This scumbag should be behind

bars for all the corruption he’s pulling. If the FAA could be bribed by the India Inc mafia to look the other way,

don’t you think they have the power to bribe a judge too? Did the India Inc mafia shop the case around to get it into

a court with one of their agents already sitting on the bench? Kind of a weird coincidence that the FAA was

bribed by them, then an FAA lawyers shows up as judge in a case to remove one of their prime opponents in the

US gov’t – Wolf. Don’t think the Indian Mafia won’t go to these manipulation lengths to get what they want.

Kind of odd that anyone who opposes the India Inc open borders/H-1B agenda gets removed from gov’t any way, any how.

“On Saturday, Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York

issued a Memorandum and Order (available behind a paywall), in which he invalidated Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf’s

July restrictions on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, on the grounds that Wolf lacks the authority to serve as Acting DHS Secretary (he does not believe

that Wolf’s predecessor, Kevin McAleenan, had authority to name Wolf), and therefore could not restrict DACA.

It likely will make little difference in the long run, but the issues raised need to be sorted out quickly”.

These parasite looters scream all over Twitter about how they are being oppressed but a million of them were

supposed to go home after Y2K and overstayed their visas instead. Now they’re demanding our immigration laws

be changed to allow millions more of them in on green cards.