Are you taking $ from foreign lobbies such as, Mr. Biden?

Yeah they sure do. The question is: how much $ are our elected servants taking from foreign powers?

When was the last time US politicos met with American workers?

Whom do our pols really work for?

Senator Ted Cruz also sent his Diwali greetings to Indians and all Indo American friends in Texas.

Ted Cruz was caught watching porn on Twitter and the internet can’t keep calm!

“On the sombre day of 9/11, as Hurricane Irma raged in the US, Conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz was ‘caught’ watching porn on Twitter’. 

The Texas senator’s Twitter handle liked a post from the account @SexuallPosts which contained a two-minute porn film. Although the Senator unliked the tweet, Twitter had caught  on and even the porn handle bragged: “Follow for the Same Porn @TedCruz Watches”