IBM‘s racist, EEOC-violating CEO, Arvind Krishna.

Thanks for admitting that, racist.

This has nothing to do with skills, or talent – this has to do with a bunch of white-hating racists from one country – India – stealing America’s tech companies.

Unable to create any real companies of their own, they have to steal ours.

And that is exactly what they are doing. Just as China stole most American manufacturing, India is stealing Silicon Valley and the rest of our tech companies.

Has nothing to do with skills – this is mass industrial theft.

When will the US gov’t do something about the theft of our industries.

These people are total racists and are deliberately keeping American workers out of tech jobs – in violation of EEOC guidelines and 3 Federal laws such as Title 8 and the US Civil Rights Act.

Arvind Krishna as IBM CEO: Before we celebrate this as India’s achievement, time to ask why talent leaves the country

Because you are all parasites incapable of creating anything for yourselves. The best you can do is steal companies from other nations and ship all their jobs back to failed loser state India.

2 thoughts on “IBM’s Arvind Krishna: How Indians are taking over global IT giants”
  1. Indeed and Trump was so anti-china and ignored the even bigger threat, India. Well at least China-pedo hair sniffer Joe loves both enemies of America- China and India and Kamala Heels Up Hindu Harris is anti-white pro-Hindu so stick a fork in America, we are done. Best for Christian American whites is leave for the few Christian nations like Poland, Hungary or Belarus.

    1. Yep. Only a fool would stay in America. With traitors + foreign agents in the White House, we’re done. America cannot survive with traitors in charge. Harris will be running the show, not brain-dead Biden. Better make plans to leave now.

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