‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Accuses Iran Of ‘Monitoring And Manipulating’ 2020 Election

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…Joe’s Allies Warn of Blue-Collar Migrant Invasion

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Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60

Bay Area’s DoorDash to pay $2.5 million after being accused of stealing drivers’ tips

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Biden Border Rush Has Begun

Biden Selects Pro-Migration Extremist for DHS Chief

Biden Won Thousands of Illegal Votes by Noncitizens, Study Shows

Biden’s Sec. of State Pick Antony Binken Once Appeared on Sesame Street to Promote Refugee Resettlement

Big Tech and Illegal Immigration: Part 5

Clinton Judge Keeps Asylum Door Open for Criminals

Comcast To Impose 1.2TB Data Cap On Northeast Cust

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Cuomo Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Churches ‘Irrelevant’

Durbin and Duckworth Are Among The Book Burners Happy With Big Tech Censorship

Food Processing Plants That Hired Illegal Aliens Paid Unlawful Wages, Hired a Child

Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun Wants Interior Post Despite Little Experience

Fraud Was Executed By Many Means”: Sidney Powell “Releases Kraken” w Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, GA

Gabbard Calls on Trump to Pardon Snowden, Assange

Half-Life Remake Black Mesa Get Free, Final Content Update

Homeless Oaklanders get $2,500 cash to vacate private property

House Homeland Security Chairman Introduces DHS Reform Bill

Hungarian Government Slams George Clooney as Soros’ ‘Political’ Mouthpiece

ICE Removes Salvadoran Illegal Wanted for Membership in Terrorist Organization

Kentucky Governor Can’t Halt In-Person Instruction at Private Religious Schools: Judge

Mexico’s Ambassador Calls For Resuming Mass Migration To The U.S. | ImmigrationReform.com

Milwaukee County Finds 65 Missing Ballots in Voting Machine

Obama Blames Trump For His Own Border “Cages”

Pakistani Immigrant Charged With Sodomizing 80-Year-Old Hospice Patient

Peter Schiff: The Real Villain Is the Fed

Politico Exposes Secretive Consulting Firm Set To Dominate Biden Cabinet

Powell Lawsuit in Michigan Alleges ‘Dominion Computer Fraud’ and ‘Illegal Conduct’ by Election Workers

Rural Oregon Counties Want to Secede from State to Join ‘Greater Idaho’ – Tennessee Star

SCOTUS Strikes Down Cuomo’s Draconian Restrictions On Religious Services In NY

Snitchgiving: Americans Are Being Urged To Report Families Gathering For The Holiday

Steam Black Friday Sale Is Live Now w Thousands Of Games

Theranos founder Holmes’ lawyers claim profane chants in company meetings are ‘normal’

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Receives Threats: ‘You Deserved to Be Raped’

Twitter Blocking URLs of Sidney Powell’s Website, Users Say

Twitter Suspends Account of State Senator Who Called Pennsylvania Election Hearing

Twitter Suspends Border Hawk Without Warning

Was the Election Free and Fair? The American Foreign Policy Establishment Doesn’t Care

‘We’re pretty uncomfortable.’ Charlotte businesses wary of enforcing tougher mask rules

‘Lockdown 2’ to be Permanent Civilization-Ending Event

‘There Was in Fact Fraud That Took Place’: FEC Chairman Trey Trainor

2nd Amendment Under Threat After New 3rd Circuit Decision

72 Percent of GOP Voters Want Trump’s Economic Nationalism to Lead GOP

Actor Ricky Schroder Warns Leftists Threatening Him for Helping Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse

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Belgians Told Police Will Knock on Doors at Christmas to Enforce COVID Rules

Buildings Lit up Blood Red to Protest Christian Persecution

ChiCom Slave Camps Headed to Biden’s America

Consumer Expectations Crashed in November Despite Vaccine News

Didn’t We Learn This Lesson 400 Years Ago?

Doctor Who Demanded Mandatory Mask Law Pictured Partying Maskless on Boat Surrounded by Bikini-Clad Women

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Extends Order Suspending Mask Enforcement

GA’s Ossoff Claims ‘Oversight’ in Omitting Payment from Chinese Communist-Linked Company

Giuliani, Trump Pull Off ‘One Hell Of A Hearing’ On Pennsylvania Election Fraud

GM venture’s mini car becomes China’s most sold EV

Hungary’s Orbán: Soros ‘Most Corrupt Man in the World’

Month 8: Living Alone In A Ghost Town

PA Judge Delays Election Certification Pending GOP Legal Challenge

PA Voter Says If Election Is Stolen, ‘It Will Be the Last Election’

Paul Ryan Declares U.S. Election ‘Over’

Quran-Carrying Man Arrested After Threats on French Tram

Report: Moscow Plans Social Credit System

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The Ruling Elite’s War on Truth

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Universities’ international student addiction beggars belief

Dave Chapelle Tells Fans to Boycott His Old Comedy Central Show

Despite Trump announcement, no hearing set in AZ on election

Donald Trump Overwhelming Leader for 2024 GOP Nomination

Hal Ketchum, Opry member and ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ singer, dies at 67

Nashville considers license plate readers

New York City’s first Black mayor, David Dinkins, dies at 93

NM Guv Accused of Causing ‘Modern Breadlines’ with Lockdown

Only 3% of Trump Voters Believe Biden Legitimate Winner

Poll Shows Growing Democratic Opposition to Cheap Labor Migration

Pope Acknowledges China’s Persecution of Uyghurs for First Time…

State DeptGoes After ‘China Propaganda’ Operations In The US

Trinidad and Tobago Expels 16 Venezuelan Children Fleeing Socialism Back to Sea93

Attorney General opens investigation into Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb

Biden’s Pick for Homeland Security Chief ‘Exerted Improper Influence’ in Visa Program for Rich Foreign Investors

MCSO detention officer killed in rear-end crash in Buckeye

New website offers one-stop shopping from Arizona small businesses

Biden’s victory paves the way for global corporate taxation

PHOTOS: Castle-like house on market for $3 million in Paradise Valley

China Claims It Has Eliminated Poverty

Government & Regulations Home Depot to pay Florida, 45 other states, for 2014 data breach

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Holding ‘Veep’ Reunion to Turn Out Democrats in Georgia Senate Runoffs

Los Angeles architecture and design firm looks to ramp up Phoenix ops

Massive CityNorth project primed for Phoenix office, apartment dev

Sen. Loeffler Donates Entire $38K Q4 Senate Salary to 10 Charities

Pasadena Bucks Newsom’s Prohibition on Indoor Dining at Restaurants

Socialism: Maduro Marks Birthday with Giant Venezuelan Flag Cake as His People Starve

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper Says South Carolina Voters ‘Have Extra Chromosomes’

UK Sent £81 Million in Foreign Aid to Communist China: Report


Sony PlayStation 5 stocks are ‘absolutely sold out’: CEO Jim Ryan

Airlines – COVID Coronavirus ‘COVID-19 Health Passes’ Ignite New Digital ID Debate

Amazon Fined For Not Displaying Country Of Origin On Products in India

Apple, Xiaomi, and others facing import hurdles in India due to China tussle

As Predicted, Google’s Search Preference Menu Eliminates DuckDuckGo

Call for Change: People Want Stronger Privacy Laws

Cloud AWS admits to ‘severely impaired’ services in US-EAST-1

Flash deals: save $250 on Apple’s Intel Core i7 Mac mini

Foxconn to produce Google server components at troubled Wisconsin plant

France launches digital tax aimed at Apple and big tech companies

M1 Mac mini can drive six displays with peripherals – but you shouldn’t bother

Massive Flow of Google Cash Makes Rivals Hesitant to Support Antitrust Action

Metromile To Go Public Through Merger

NASA Adds New Flying Car Partner

Nissan Note spells beginning of end of internal-combustion engine

Rehab Burger Therapy adjusts to business during pandemic

Replay Destinations breaks ground on Ascent at The Phoenician

Retired engineer confesses to role in sliding Microsoft Bob onto millions of XP install CDs

Review: Apple’s HomePod mini is the speaker for the rest of us

S Korea fines Facebook $6.1 mn for sharing users’ info without consent

Salesforce reportedly in talks to buy Slack

Software Salesforce reportedly poised to scoop Slack for billions

The Do-Not-Track Act of 2019

US-European Ocean Monitoring Satellite Launches into Orbit

WD_Black 5TB P10-Game Drive


Iwate Tsunami Memorial Museum: Preserving the Past and Protecting Lives by Passing down the Lessons of Disaster

“Aoi,” “Himari” Most Popular Names for Babies Japan in 2020

Earth Closer to Galactic Center than Widely Believed

Ex-PM Abe’s office may have illegally spent millions of yen on parties

Japan Begins Cozying Up to China as Biden Administration Looms

Japan Startup Aims to Colonize the Moon

Japan to give tax breaks to attract financial experts Japan to give tax breaks for foreigners to attract financial experts

Japan, China agree to resume mutual business trips from Nov.

Kyoto photographer captures a mystical photo of a forest scene draped in morning mist

Law Takes Effect in Japan to Promote Bank, Bus Firm Mergers | Nippon.com

Tokyo assembly group wants residents fined if they refuse to take coronavirus tests

Win Pikachu-shaped gummy goods in Kanro’s Pikachu sweets campaign!