Sen. Mike Lee of UT, center, has obviously been lobbied, bought off, paid off, by India.

Why do we allow foreign control of our gov’t?

Never before in American history has a law been passed favoring one race. In fact, under several US laws, that’s illegal. But that is what just happened in the US Senate with Mike Lee of UT and Kevin Kramer of ND passing S386.

This bill gives nearly all green cards for the next 10 years to Indian nationals – and it clears a non-existent “green card backlog” for around 1.5 million Y2K visa over-stayers who were never supposed to remain in the US long term. The backlog itself was created by mass H-1B abuse by India Inc staffing companies. If all the H-1Bs in the fake backlog went home when promised, it wouldn’t exist.

The India Inc mafia always gets its way – with millions of skilled Americans out of work, million more Indian nationals will now be able to come to America to steal jobs from Americans.

How can a race-based law favoring one race of people be allowed to stand in the US?

If Trump does not veto this bill, it means the US is essentially a colony of India and the American voter has no say or power in his or her own country any longer.

America is being silently invaded and colonized by India – by the commandeering of our visa programs for their own use. 1.5 million people iss the size of three large armies. And those are just the allegedly backlogged people.

Americans and their children can absondon any hope of every having any kind of white collar or tech job again.

The only remaining question now is: how much $ did Senators Mike Lee, Kevin Cramer, John Cornyn, and Zoe Lofgren take from India Inc? Not a single GOP Senator other than Rick Scott of FL opposed the bill. Eventually he went silent and gave in too – most likely death-threated by the Indian Mafia into acquiescence.

Everyone from Lou Dobbs to Tucker Carlson to John Binder @ Breitbart covered this outrageous law.

As an interesting footnote, Cramer had previously had an Indian national – Debjyoti Dwivedy as a guest to the last State of The Union address. Why are our pols hobnobbing with foreign powers? And what is Kramer’s relationship with Dwivedy? Dwivedy is a member of the notorius racist Indian-only RICO organized crime syndicate Immigration Voice.

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Why do we need Kevin Cramer in the Senate making $174,000 if we can get an Indian to do it for 1/3 of that?105 1ReplyShare ›

  • ricocat1 MAGA1012 years ago Very good point. My nephew learned computed programming in a 4 year college and is now working as a Staples clerk. Let Indians and Chinese find jobs at home”.

We need full investigations into Lee, Kramer, Cornyn, Lofgren, and other now.

We must get foreign money out of our gov’t.

There can be no doubt that the US gov’t is now fully under India’s control.

Kevin Cramer Faces Open FEC Complaint and Accusations of Corruption as President Trump Visits Fargo

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) is pairing up with the Indian outsourcing lobby for President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) address to push legislation that allows India and China to monopolize the country’s legal immigration system.

“For Trump’s SOTU, Cramer is bringing Debjyoti Dwivedy, the senior vice president of Immigration Voice, an organization dedicated to eliminating the U.S. country-caps in the legal immigration system that would fast-track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by business”.

When it comes to India Incs + white-collar jobs, Americans never get hired.

Stealing Silicon Valley. Many of the top US tech companies built by Americans have now been stolen by foreign H-1B workers from India + China.

Sen. John Cornyn of TX is under India’s control.

Biden is also run by abother racist India-first PAC: USIN-PAC.

India has an unregistered foreign agent, Amit Jani, in the Biden campaign.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of 95% Indian racists.

South Asians for Biden – another racist group meddling in US politics.

India now controls the US gov’t via illegal foreign lobbying.

These people absolutely hate white people as this racist Indian professor @ Cambridge shows…

At Microsoft it’s diversity + inclusion – as long as you are Indian.

Indian stalkers and Y2K visa overstayers demanded FL Sen. Rick Scott remove his block on the racist S386 bill.

At racist Deloitte it’s 100% racist Indians.

The Indian Mafia was even seen with former NJ gov. Chris Christie. The mobster on the left, Sarvesh Dharyan, is now serving 12 years in a Federal prison for Medical billing fraud.

India now owns and controls most Silicon Valley CEOs.

If you think all of this is by accident, think again.

Organized crime syndicate Immigration Voice even went so far as to make a propaganda video claiming S386 will stop outsourcing American tech jobs. Just the opposite is true: with 1.5 million green cards now going to India nationals which would have gone to Americans, 1/4 of all tech jobs in the US will be outsourced to India Incs. Indeed., it is H-1B visas + green cards which are the prime mechanisms by which India Incs are able to steal tech jobs from Americans. Without S386, 1.5 million Indian workers would have had to go back to India, and those jobs given back to American workers. As usual, the Indian Mafia lies, lies, lies.

Immigration Voice pumps these kinds of lies all over Twitter – terrorizing Americans into thinking if we don’t let a million more of these job robbers in, the sky will fall. They promised to help America recover from COVID-19, but failed to do so.

How Immigration Voice Coordinates Hundreds of Volunteers with Teamup

RICO much?

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  1. As much as I despise the evil CCP that runs China like a slave prison and wants to take over the world, the foreign invaders from India are far worse and more dangerous than the Chinese people in my experience. At least Chinese want to stay home in their native country and make it great. Not India a vile cesspool of filthy corruption and job stealing parasites hell bent on destroying western civilization over a blood feud from the British hundreds of years ago. Other nations despise India and Indians. They actually block them from invading their nations to steal jobs from native citizens. Not the west- USA, Canada, UK cannot learn this lesson.

    1. Agreed. Chinse may be thieves, but they want to build China. India has a vendetta on the white race and the west but we just open our doors and turn millions of our best jobs right over to them. We are comitting national suicide.

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