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Dec 5, 2020

Lou Dobbs Slams Sen. Lee’s ‘America Last’ Green Card Giveaway

Economist Raises Alarm Over Inflation Rate

Americans Panic Bought Guns On Black Friday

Politics Trump Campaign Presents Claims of Voter Fraud to Nevada Court

America’s Collision Course With Communism China admits it’s trying to takeover the United States

‘DUMB AND DUMBER’: How Cuomo and De Blasio Ruined New York

Daily Beast Editor Calls For “Humiliation” And “Incarceration” For Trump Supporters

Microbiologist Says Covid Vaccine “Downright Dangerous,” Will Send You “To Your Doom”

COVID-19 Vaccines Pave The Way For A New Frontier In Surveillance

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around”

Report: A ‘Young, Queer Asian-American Businesswoman’ Will Control Free Speech on Twitter

Foreign Students Show Ignorance about Immigration

EXCLUSIVE: Biden ‘Transition Leader’ Suggested Ex-VP Should ‘Sell Out’ For ‘Millions’ From Corporations

Biden Camp Refuses To Rebuke China For US Intel Report Revealing ‘Influence Campaign’ Targeting Transition

Biden says he asked Fauci to stay on and be a chief medical adviser

Operation Warp Speed: Your One-Way Ticket To Total Surveillance

6th grade student shoots, kills self on Zoom call with class

Obama’s Solicitor General Defends Corporations ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Child Slavery Before Supreme Court

Israelis Confirm PM Netanyahu Visits Saudis; Denials Follow

Iran cranking up its nukes to honor slain scientist

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

Over 2,400 Nevada Voters Appear Double-Listed On California Voter Roll

Megyn Kelly Says She’s Leaving New York City, Has Pulled Sons Out of ‘Far-Left’ Schools

Republicans Are Rushing to Enable Soros-Backed Open Borders Policies

World Economic Forum Encourages Plebs To Eat Weeds & Drink Sewage

‘Obviously We’re Not Going With The Story’: CNN Leadership Plotted Network Blackout On Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive

WATCH: Soros-Linked Smartmatic Chairman Admits ‘Technology Is Licensed From Dominion’

Trump Team To Present Over 20 Binders Of Voter Fraud Evidence At Nevada Hearing

Georgia Vote Counters Appear to Pull Suitcases of Ballots from Under Table After Observers, Media Leave

Pentagon: Trump to Pull Most Troops Out of Somalia

NDAA Seeks To Halt Trump’s Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan & Germany

Democratic Austin Mayor Urged Citizens “Not To Relax… Stay Home” While Vacationing In Cabo

Ducey announces Covid-19 vaccine will be free, adds $60M for more hospital hirings

NY CEO charged w defrauding Durham insurer out of $34M

December Brings Rare View of ‘Christmas Star’ — First Since 1226

“Beyond Repair” – Sino-US Relations Badly Damaged, Warns China State Media

Nasdaq threatens 75% of listed companies with order to appoint women & LGBT or other ‘diverse’ directors to board – or else

Rex Jones Rants About COVID Lockdowns, Masks & Censorship

Why columnist Andy Mukherjee is losing faith in India

Bengaluru temple priest arrested for raping 10-year-old in daughter’s home

India Inc feels the rising pressure to serve up jobs for locals

US sails new carrier group straight down wolf warrior throats

Europe slams China over Australia

Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective

San Francisco Bans Smoking Inside Apartments Unless It’s Weed

CA to Impose Regional Stay-Home Orders to Ease Coronavirus Hospitalizations

The zombification of Europe

‘High Value’ Executives, Athletes, Media Freed from COVID Quarantine

‘Adolf Hitler’ Wins Election in Namibia

“Texas Has A Lot Going For It” – Bay Area Residents Agree

“There Will Absolutely Be A Black Market” For COVID Vaccines, Bioethicists Warn

AOC Sells $58 ‘Tax the Rich’ Sweatshirts on Campaign Website

At least 2 US marshals, suspect shot in New York

Austin Dem Mayor who Pushed Lockdowns ‘Sorry’ for Mexico Trip

AZ Republican Party lawsuit focuses on duplicate ballots at trial

Beijing Poses Greatest Threat to US, Free World Since WWII: Director of National Intelligence

Biden Says He Won’t Immediately Lift China Tariffs

Biden’s Immigration Radicalism

China Birth Rate Panic

China Plants Communist Flag on Moon

Big Tech’s Green Card Giveaway May Come to Standstill in House

Bill Murray’s Brother Ed, Who Inspired ‘Caddyshack,’ Dies

Black Google Researcher Claims She Was Fired Because She Discovered AI Is Racist

Bush And Clinton Vow To Join Obama For Televised COVID Vaccination

CA Chef Refuses to Stop Outdoor Dining — ‘I’m Not an Asshole, the Governor Is’

CA firm buys land in Goodyear for industrial development

Charlotte-based developer buys 9 acres for apartments in Gilbert

December Brings Rare View of ‘Christmas Star’ — First Since 1226

Engineer Shot by Deputy Gets $10M

Georgia House Announces More Election Hearings Will Be Held Next Week

GOP Senators Cornyn, Collins: Start New Year With DACA Amnesty

GREAT RESET Coup Closing In: “Own Nothing, No Privacy, Shut Up & Be HAPPY!”

Hypocritical Government Officials Who Demand You Stay Home While They Party

Inslee announces statewide COVID-19 exposure notification tool

Is the CCP Behind the US Election Fraud? Why Was General Flynn Targeted?

Jones Exposed China’s Mass Organ Harvesting In The 90s

Kemp Calls For Signature Verification, Still Won’t Call Special Session

Loeffler Campaign Staffer Dies in Car Crash: Pence

Mad Maxine’s Campaign Paid Daughter $240K

Mayor Adler and His Trendies Get WRECKED By Rex + Alex Jones

NDAA Seeks To Halt Trump’s Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan & Germany

NY CEO charged w defrauding Durham insurer out of $34M

Pentagon: Trump to Pull Most Troops Out of Somalia

Politics Trump Campaign Presents Claims of Voter Fraud to Nevada Court

Pope: 2020 Was Bad Even Without Virus

Republicans Are Rushing to Enable Soros-Backed Open Borders Policies

Saloon Owner Berates L.A. Mayor Garcetti for Giving Special Treatment to Film Industry

Senators Probe Exam Monitoring Company That Won’t Give Students Pee Breaks

Specter of Biden Presidency and Lockdowns Kills Job Market

Thanks to Lockdowns, American Big Cities May Not Be Worth the Trouble Anymore

The Path You Are On Will Lead To The Answers You Seek

Top of the Market: Nashville’s most expensive homes sold

Trump Lawyers: 1,500 Dead Voters Cast Ballots, 40,000 Voted Twice in Nevada

Trump Says He’ll Veto the Defense Authorization Bill over Exclusion of Section 230 Termination

Trump Team To Present Over 20 Binders Of Voter Fraud Evidence At Nevada Hearing Friday

Tucker Carlson: The Biden Scandal Is Real And Not Going Away

Tucker: Politicians Trying to Cancel Christmas

U.S. is Losing Credibility in the Currency Markets

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Gov. Newsom’s Indoor Worship Bans

US Employers Added 245,000 Jobs In November, Below Expectations

What’s Happening in US Election Matches What Happened in Venezuela, Expert Says

America’s COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian

CA Chef Refuses to Stop Outdoor Dining — ‘I’m Not an Asshole, the Governor Is’

Nearly 100-year-old bookbinding shop to close in East Bay

Weasel Words: ‘Sustainable’ Newspeak Coming By 2050

Europe slams China over Australia

Mad Maxine’s Campaign Paid Daughter $240K

America’s COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian

Weasel Words: ‘Sustainable’ Newspeak Coming By 2050

Nearly 100-year-old bookbinding shop to close in East Bay

Blaming Whitey – American Greatness

Can America be Hindu Holy Land?

India officially enters recession

Never Thought He’d Be Homeless in Hollywood

Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human


Streetlight Spy Cameras Have Led to a Massive Privacy Backlash in San Diego

No escape from our techno-feudal world

Knoxville Embryo Reanimated After Quarter-Century On Ice

40-year-old devices are faster than modern devices

10 largest PPP loans distributed in Tampa Bay

AI model uses retinal scans to predict Alzheimer’s

Apple M1 is the boost the Windows ecosystem needed: Qualcomm

Apple service docs suggest new hardware release coming Dec. 8

Apple’s Intel Mac mini falls to all-time low $549

Yarn 2.4 Drops

Booti Card for the Apple II

Boston area medtech firm acquires Clearwater’s FairWarning

Box CEO: Breaking up big tech could backfire

Design virtually or in person

Every game w touch controls on Xbox Game Pass for Android

Galaxy S20 FE will get Android 11 a lot sooner than expected

Gensler exec explores art and science of design

Gigabyte M27Q Review, Impressive Budget 1440p 170Hz

Macintosh IIsi Fix+Recap, AppleTalk stuff, NuBus and PDS cards

PhoneSoap UV Light Phone Sanitizers

Research Finds That Drinking Inhibits Attention-Calling Brain Function

Scientists Release “Unprecedentedly Detailed Map” Of Milky Way

Scientists use Tokyo Skytree to test Einstein’s theory of relativity

Uber’s Head of PR walked away from an Apple job offer

Why Governments Hate Decentralization and “Local Control”

Yucatan FX MIDI Wavetable Board for DOS Games


US curbs visas for CCP members as researchers flee

China the ‘greatest threat to democracy and freedom’, US spy chief warns | US foreign policy | The Guardian

U.S. Spy Chief Calls China Biggest Threat Since World War II

Bill to delist Chinese companies heads to Trump’s desk

Trump gets personal with new China visa ban

Trump administration blacklists China’s largest chipmaker

US bans cotton from China’s Xinjiang region over ‘slave labor’

Chinese Developer Bans ALL Australians From Australian Island

China takes a look at the incoming Biden administration

US Offers $5 Million For Info On China’s ‘Flagrant’ N.Korea Sanctions Violations

Kindergarten teacher in China gets death sentence for poisoning dozens of her colleague’s students

Malaysia looks high, China hides Low

Pig guts and punches: Taiwan lawmakers brawl over trade


Australia To Sign Military Pact With US Ally Japan Amid Spiraling China Tensions

LA County Mayor Says Not Wearing A Mask Is “Act Of Domestic Terrorism”

Russia Deploys Missiles To Islands Claimed By Japan After Tense US Navy Standoff

The Real Source Of America’s Frustrations

Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki to coach champion high school baseball team in Japan

India officially in a recession: Here’s what economists say

Japan aims to ban new combustion-engine cars from mid-2030s

Japanese Study Finds 98% Of COVID Patients Still Have Antibodies 6 Months Later

Mr. Sato has time-travelled to the year 3030 with impressive sushi technology

New Japanese KitKat has been aged in whisky barrels from Islay, Scotland

Permanent Pikachu Tokyo Banana gift cake shop opening in Tokyo!

Tokyo losing another iconic video game arcade as Ikebukuro landmark is closing for good

World’s first Ikea veggie dog specialty store opens in Shibuya

Train otaku say this is the narrowest train station platform in Japan

Yakuza alive, well and still kicking in Japan

Yoshiki’s first photo book in 28 years becomes bestseller in Japan

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Sara Blackwell on Twitter: “What happened to Senator Scott?”

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