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Jocelyn Benson. Unregistered Foreign Agent?


Elite pols need to be shaken up once in a while. When you’re a state criminal ignoring election fraud, and the people have no recourse, something has to be done.

Anything is better than silence.

We wonder if she’s taking cash from the ChiComs too.

“Michigan state officials decried protesters who gathered outside Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s home, accusing the group of “terrorizing” her family”.

Well, well, well, Madame Secretary – The State has been terrorizing Americans and their families for decades with open borders, zero EEOC enforcement, selective enforcement of the law, Title 8 violations, engineered crises, offshoring of US jobs, illegal displacement of American workers, treason, and tyrannical gov’t. You name it, the state knows how to do it.

So a few Americans demand election justice and show up at your nice comfy home most likely paid for with bribes you most likely took from foreign powers and corporate interests, and now you’re all upset about it?

It’s called karma. You cannot do these crimes and not experience consequences.

Maybe you should have done your job and not ignored the election fraud.

Note how, as usual, the Communist News Network distorts facts + tried to flip the script:

“In the dark of night, these agitators, unhappy with the results of an election that did not go their partisan way”

No, they’re unhappy that their gov’t didn’t do its job even though the gov’t parasite in question makes close to $400,000 per year!

$370,000/year for this gov’t parasite. She makes $30K a month. What is she being paid so much for? For ignoring election fraud? We need to replace and outsource all these pols. There is no way taxpayers can afford these kinds of salaries for incompetent parasites who are more concerned with How The Grinch Stole Christmas than with How Democrats Stole an Election.

CNN, which is most likely controlled by Communist China via paid PR firms, loves the words “conspiracy theory”. So now that 14 states are joining in contesting the election, including those states’ Attorneys General, and even after the head of the FEC himself said election fraud occured, CNN just plugs its ears like a 5-year old and screams “conspiracy theory!”.

Partisan? That would be CNN. As in Communist Partisans.

CNN does not have a single shred of journalistic integrity left.

CNN is a joke.

Is the head of the FEC doing conspiracy theory too CNN? Turn this clown network off forever – boycott them into oblivion.

FEC Chairman: If Sidney Powell Says There Was Rampant Voter Fraud, ‘I Believe Her’

Trey Trainor to Newsmax TV: Voter Fraud Is Taking Place

Benson discloses income of $370,000 in bid for personal financial disclosure law

“Michigan’s distinction is one Benson said she’d like to end, noting that disclosing who might “be influencing (lawmakers’) decisions behind closed doors” would boost public confidence in government.

“One of the best ways we can restore the public’s trust in our government is to require our elected leaders to fully disclose any outside income, investments, travel or gifts they may receive as candidates or elected officials,” Benson said in a Thursday statement”.

OK, then we’ll ask you point blank Madame Secretary: HOW MUCH OUTSIDE INCOME ARE YOU TAKING FROM CHINA + INDIA?

It’s generally known as bribery and there are already laws against that.

Her husband also works for the city of Detroit and siphons another $165K out of taxpayers’ pockets every year. $165K. As a development manager. And Detroit is now a bombed out hellhole.

Imagine being paid $165K/year for not doing your job.

Meanwhile American tech workers who create the next iPhone and work 80 hours every week get attacked by gov’t as being “too expensive” and are thrown into the streets.

It also appears Benson has been doing quite the circuit around the world on “trade missions”. The reality is in most of these trade missions, US pols + Chamber of Commerce criminals take payments from foreign governments. Because the meetings are always done offshore, any such transactions and discussions can never be traced by US authorities.

Bribery. And no one can prove it.

When she was Dean of Wayne State University, she visited China:

Dean visits China to promote new LL.M. program

“”Wayne’s new master’s degree program in U.S. law is designed for outstanding law students from other countries,” Benson said. “This will be an attractive program for students who seek to practice law in the United States, transnational law in their home countries, who may work in government ministries involved in negotiations with the United States, or who intend to work on advanced degrees and careers as scholars.”

Yes, so they can become US citizens, then become judges or lawyers, corrupt our legal system to sabotage the US and throw out election fraud cases, or to ignore Title 8 violations when American workers get steamrolled by H-1B invading armies.

Placing your own agents into your enemy’s legal system is a sure way to bring your enemy down. And Madame Secretary enabled it.

We need a full investigation into Benson now to see whom she’s taking $ from.

Local leaders question Secretary of State Benson’s visit to Israel, the second by a Michigan political leader in less than a month


“She is the author of State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process“.

Apparently not quite guardian enough. Ignoring election fraud isn’t guarding democracy you traitor.

Someone please write a book called: “Foreign Political Junkets: How Our Politicians and Business Elites Take Bribes From Foreign Powers“.

AND ready for this?

“She subsequently earned her master’s in sociology as a Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, in the United Kingdom, conducting research into the sociological implications of white supremacy and neo-Nazism“.

So there you have it. A US Democrat brainwashed by a UK communist school about “white supremacy”, sucking $100,000s out of public funds as the city of Detroit dies, a communist SPLC operative, who made business + politicial junkets to America-hating China + Israel – 2 of the worst human rights violators on earth, and who is now Sec. of State in MI, and who simply ignored the voter fraud that went on there, so that a white male president couldn’t get re-elected, even though the voters of the state elected him.

This is deep foreign influence in our elections, people. Corrupt, even criminal influence. In any other country it would have come to more than just a protest outside her house.

Michigan AG and Sec. of State Block Results of Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Antrim County

3 thoughts on “Armed protesters alleging voter fraud surround the home of MI’s Sec of State, Jocelyn Benson”
  1. Notice that only white WASP liberal women kept the high paying jobs in corporate America and government as white Christian men lose jobs? Funny because foreign Asian men and Indian men HATE these WASP turncoast liberal women and Zionist Jews behind the sellout of the Christian west?

    1. True, but the Indian Mafia knows in general white women are dumber than white men and can more easily be manipulated. And many of them, such as this dumb white snowflake who is now the MI Sec. of State were brainwashed in school that white men are evil. That is why she refuses to look into election fraud in MI – since doing so might mean Trump would win, and she’s not going to have any of that, even though she’s white, because her brain has been damaged in school. When you see a race commit its own suicide – and willingly, you know a nation is finished. PCR had a good article on this the other day where he talks about how communist schools are brainwashing white people to be against their own people. China + India could not rejoice more, since like Biden, they will use these “useful idiots” to destroy America and get their open borders agenda and invasion of America.

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