This is the thing folks.

The instant the US creates something extraordinary, our handlers will get it out of the country one way or the other.

Can’t have the slaves being prosperous via new industries, you know.

They hate Silicon Valley, they hate Americans creating booms with new industries and technologies, they hate any new upcoming industries which might create millions of good paying jobs for Americans.

Even if it means selling them off to foreign powers, they must get those great American companies like Boston Dynamics out of the US.

Since Boston Dynamics also was going to be a prime robotics supplier to the US military it now means our mil won’t have that capability, or else it will be under foreign control.

$1.1 bil for Boston Dynamics? A billion dollars? That’s a joke. The company’s tech is worth at least tens of billions of dollars.

Get them out now.

Get them out now.


Just more proof, there is a concerted effort to keep the American people down and poor.

“Keep those good jobs and new industries out of America, damnit!”