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Dec 11, 2020

How Indian students cheat at US Universities

Arkansas Project Manager Sentenced in Connection with COVID-Relief Fraud

Reforms needed for development, says PM Modi

Wipro has a new strategy, but old questions refuse to go

30 Students Return To Andhra From US After Pay-To-Stay Visa Fraud Busted

Kashmiris expect Biden to pressure India on human rights – Nikkei Asia

US settles with Texas IT firm accused of favoring temporary visa holders

How Intel Lost $10 Billion and the Mobile Market

Judge Orders Restoration of DACA, Gov. Must Accept Over 1Mil New Applicants

Lou Dobbs Asks ‘Where the hell are the Republicans?’

Public servants spared entirely from COVID-19 wage pain

Hunter Biden Email Names Kamala Harris, Others as Key Contacts for ‘Joint Venture’ With China Energy Co.

Infrastructure Victoria: Mass immigration will destroy Melbourne

America First Patriots Blast GOP Senators Over Green Card Giveaway at #StopTheSteal Rally

Senate and Judge Do Big Tech’s Bidding on H-1B Visas

Powell: Planeload of Fake Chinese-Made Ballots Arrive from Mexico 

‘Entire Body of Ballots is Constitutionally Suspect’ Claims Texas AG in Supreme Court Suit

Seattle Chamber of Commerce files lawsuit against city over big business tax

‘A Christmas Story’ Director Was Killed By An Illegal Alien

Chuck Yeager, pilot who broke the sound barrier, dies at 97

USA Is Run By Gaslighting Lunatics

Halo 4 – Part 1 – Dawn

The “Great Reset” And Plans For A Global War On Savings

Why Beltway Conservatives Hate the Trump Populists

“This Is Astounding”: China Is Snapping Up Most Of The World’s “Missing” Barrels Of Oil

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections – Full Movie

Scamazon Prime

G7 Finance Ministers “Strongly Support” Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies

“The Force Theme” – Star Wars – stairwell w awesome reverb

‘Fear of China’ pushing Australia and India towards trade pact

‘Trump was never the cause of this movement, he was the result of it’

‘Unprecedented’: Pentagon Cuts Support to CIA Counterterrorism Ops

America Tests Positive For A Raging Mental Health Pandemic

An Easy Way to Take Pressure Off the Immigration System

Ann Coulter: Voter Fraud Never Happens! (Except in These 10,000 Cases)

Biden selects Susan Rice as senior domestic advisor

Biden’s Brother Under Investigation for Role in Bankrupt Healthcare Firm

Biden’s Wall St Donors Host Fundraisers for Warnock, Ossoff

CA launches contact tracing app as COVID-19 surges

CA nurse who took part in Pfizer vaccine trial describes illness after receiving shot


Could Pence reject contested electors under 12th Amendment? Law professors say yes

Countries Around the World Use Coronavirus to Repress Citizens

DACA Illegal Charged With First-Degree Murder, Child Rape in Colorado

DACA Ruling Orders US to Accept Over a Million New Applicants

Deracination of American White Youth by the Educational System

Did non-citizen immigrants illegally vote in election? A growing number want to know

Egyptian National Convicted of Terrorism Removed by ICE

Emperor Newsom Collapsing in CA: More Defy Coronavirus Lockdowns

FEINSTEIN IN DECLINE (or is she pulling a BIG CHIN stunt to duck the China spy scandal engulfing SF pols?)

Feinstein’s Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats

ICE, CBP Seize 100,000 Counterfeit Surgical Masks Intended for Hospital Workers

Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl in Texas

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Child in North Carolina

Illegal Aliens Hop Trains to Evade Capture

Industry group cries foul as Inslee extends restaurant, bar closures

Instagram Puts Bogus Election Warning Label On Trump Remembrance Of Pearl Harbor Attacks

Kamala Harris Vows Amnesty in First 100 Days, Restarting Immigration from Exporters of Terrorism

Lab Rats – That’s All You Are If You Have The Vaccine

Marin County Politician Dines With Four Other Households as the Bay Area Locks Down

Media Wait Until States Certify Election to Cover Biden Corruption

Mexican Illegal Sentenced to 15 Years for Assaulting ICE Officer

Newsmax Beats Fox News Ratings For First Time as CEO Says ‘We’re Here to Stay’

Newsom’s companies got $3 mil in relief loans

Nutty Nancy: Republicans Focused on 🇨🇳 Swalwell ’HoneyPot’ Scandal 🇨🇳 to Distract from QAnon

PCR Inventor Says Fauci “Not a Scientist”

Planetary Genetic Overwrite: The Big Picture Behind COVID mRNA Vaccines

Reality of Martial Law to Combat Voter Fraud

Retired Israeli General: Space Aliens Asked Trump Not to Expose ‘Galactic Federation’

Schweizer Calls for Independent Counsel to Probe Hunter Biden

Schweizer: Biden-China Relationship Beginning to Unravel

SHAFFER: Here’s The Evidence Of Widespread Election Fraud.

Supreme Court Flooded with Filings in Texas Challenge to Voting Procedures

Supreme Court Flooded with Filings in Texas Challenge to Voting Procedures

Susan Rice Departing Netflix Board to Join Biden Admin

Swalwell’s Dad, Brother No Longer Facebook Friends with Suspected Spy

Tony Dungy Questions if Pro-Abortion Pastor Warnock Is Really a Christian

Trump Admin Makes Migrant DNA Sampling Program Permanent

Two Men Sought for Child Sex Crimes Arrested After Arriving From Mexico

USPS Whistleblower Reveals FBI NOT Interested In Investigating Voter Fraud!

Vice-chancellors launch inquiry into why corruption isn’t working

Whistleblower Nurses Watch Vaccines Kill Babies In Hospital

“Historic Moment” – Meat Grown In Bioreactor Gets Approval In Singapore

America Surrenders To China?

Canadian Health Ministry Exploring “Immunity Passports”, Vaccine “Tracking And Surveillance”

Charting The Growing Generational Wealth Gap

One Third Of US States Have Now Joined Texas SCOTUS Bid To Overturn Election

University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Won’t Require Staff To Take COVID-19 Vaccine Due To ‘General Uncertainty’

…‘Break Up Big Tech Act’ Takes on Social Media Censorship

…CA Lawmakers Dine at Restaurant Amid Restrictions

27 GOP Lawmakers Request Special Counsel to Investigate Election

Biden Faces Blowback on DoD Pick: ‘Possibly Worst of All Options’

BLACK Coffee & Whiskey Prayer T Shirt

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Ends Tax Import on Guns

CA Considers $700K Church Fine for Violating Coronavirus Rules

CA Judge: Officials ‘Acted Arbitrarily’ Shutting Down Outdoor Dining…

Canadian Prime Minister Requested Chinese Troops Be Stationed In Canada

DACA Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Girl by Giving Her Fentanyl

China Forces Monster Hunter Movie to Delete ‘Offensive’ Scene, Then Bans It Anyway

Deaths from COVID-19 cases in Arizona surpass 7,000

Dems to Hold Smallest Party Majority in over a Century

Elon Musk Claims He Has Moved to Texas

Gavin Newsom’s $3.7 Million Estate Was Gifted to Him in 2019

GOP, Dems Prioritize Foreign Nationals as 24.5M Americans Are Jobless

Heavy Metals in Water Caused ‘Mysterious Illness’ Affecting Hundreds in India

HOA Tells Family to Remove Cross from Lawn’s Christmas Display

Hunter Biden Investigation Linked to Chinese Company in Laptop Emails

Hunter Biden Under DOJ Tax Investigation

ICE: Criminal Aliens Freed Over COVID Fears Return to Crime

Jihadists Kill, Rape Dozens of Christians in D.R. Congo

Johnson: Tech, Media Election Influence Worse Than Foreign Influence

Jon Ossoff Wants Beto O’Rourke-Style Gun Control for Georgians

McCarthy: Swalwell ‘Swindled by the Chinese’ — ‘He’s Jeopardizing National Security’

Michael Jordan’s Golf Course Has Beer Delivery Drone

Mohave County woman sets fire to home after eviction

Northern Lights Could Be Visible over Michigan Due to Solar Flare

Ocasio-Cortez Skeptical of Biden Cabinet Picks

Operation Broken Promise – Too Little, Too Late

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

President Trump Tightens Border Rules to End Asylum Shopping, Reduce Fraud

Schumer Confronts Feinstein’s Mental Decline

Soros-Funded L.A. District Attorney to Help Criminal Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation

Tucker: ‘Election Rigging’ Looks Like Election Reporting on Biden Corruption

Twitter Lets Georgia Disinfo Go Viral, No Warning Label

TX AG: Can Election Rules Be Overridden Under the Constitution?

U.K. Govt Warning After Two Suffer ‘Adverse’ Reaction on First Day of Corona Vax

U.N. Build Back Greener Plan: Everyone Stop Flying, Go Vegan, Start Cycling

Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide

When Did Pelosi, Schiff Know about China Spy Issue?

Wyoming 38th State to Issue Mask Mandate, Sheriff Warns It’s ‘Unenforceable’

6 People Died During Pfizer Covid Vaccine Trial


AZ Republicans Call for Decertification of Election Results

Biden’s DHS: Department of Homeland Surrender

Britain starts virus vaccinations as CA locks down

California officials demand changes to sanctuary city policy


Famine Is “Knocking On The Door”

France Is Still Under Attack

Friends remember Microsoft renegade Eric Engstrom

Illegal Alien Admits Stomping Girlfriend’s 3-Year-Old Son to Death

KE Discussion with Ravi on S386

Punjab-born Raj Chouhan elected Speaker in British Columbia


SpaceX just won $885 mil in fed subsidies to expand Starlink

The “Great Reset” and Plans for a Global War on Savings

Trump: ‘Big Things Happening Over the Next Couple of Days’

US Releases Study on Mystery Illness at American Embassies

Trump Campaign Asks MI Supreme Court to Declare That Election Process Violated State Constitution

56% Of Americans Say They Would Live In A Tiny Home

American Democracy Is a Fiction & Who Do Republicans Represent? –

AZ Supreme Court Agrees to Hear GOP Election Challenge Lawsuit

Biden Health Sec. Pick Supports At Birth Abortion, Has Radical Anti-Pro Life Agenda

Bill Clinton ‘Petrified’ Hillary Will Leave Him After Claims He Went to Epstein’s Island

Canadian Health Ministry Exploring “Immunity Passports,” Vaccine

Chicago Official Ran Restaurants as Speakeasies While Competitors Were Shut Down by COVID Orders

CNN Exec Called Pro-Trump Cubans ‘Attracted to Bullies’ in Leaked Audio


FL authorities raid home of former state health official fired in May who claimed she was told to censor COVID data

GA Senator: Voters Should Lobby State Legislature to Call Special Session

Goya Foods CEO: We Made AOC Employee of the Month After Her Boycott Boosted Sales509

Illicit $25 Million Dominion Deal Set Up in Michigan by Former Democrat

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – Psychological Warfare Disguised As A Pandemic Threat

Linux PC company ZaReason goes out of business due to COVID-19

National Guard Says It Will Inject, Not Just Deliver Trump/Biden Vaccine

Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat: Cubans Have Seen Terrors of Socialism

Powell: American Elections Just as Rigged as in Third World Countries

Racketeering Charges Brought Against Members of Mexican Mafia-Linked Street Gang in CA

S386, if CAP removed, all employment based green cards to India

Texas Case Breaks Election Wide Open, Turns Tide to Trump’s Favor

TV star Divya Bhatnagar succumbs to Covid-19 at 34, co-actors in shock

With Our Election System Under Assault, Americans Need to Speak Up

US Signed Deal w Alien Galactic Federation To Experiment On Humans, Claims Israeli Ex Mil Space Chief

Woman With Autism Earns PhD in Social Work, Beats Naysayers

This Is Going To Be The Worst Winter For The US Economy In Modern Times

US Election “Success”… And Hey Presto “Russian Interference” Disappears

$638M funding for light rail expansion will create 23,000 jobs

An economic rebound is coming: what to look for in 2021

Another Airline Announces ‘COVID Passports’ Will Be “Essential” For Travel

Archbishop Chaput: Pro-Abortion Biden ‘Should Not Receive Holy Communion’

Army investigates deaths of Green Beret and veteran at Fort Bragg

Australia to extend ban on leaving country

AZ Guv Won’t Definitively Say if He Will Mandate Coronavirus Vaccine

AZ Lawmaker Says Gov. Ducey ‘Knowingly’ Signed a Fraudulent Document

Biden HHS Favorite Would Revive Obama-Era Attacks on Religious Freedom

Biden picks CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be first Latino health sec

Biden’s choice for Homeland Security secretary spells trouble | TheHill

Biden, Kamala Reward High-Profile Dems with Inauguration Duties

Bob Dylan Sells Entire Song Catalog for Estimated $300 Mil

Book Review: ‘American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free’

Book Review: ‘The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution’

China peddles falsehoods to raise doubts over origin of Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccines, vaccinations expected in AZ by Dec

Democrat Warnock Evades Challenge to Denounce Socialism, Marxism…

Despite Lockdowns, L.A. Has Worst Year in Decades for Smog

DOD Refutes Report Claiming Kash Patel Blocking Biden Team

Duterte rules out Christmas truce with communist rebels

Economics major to be designated STEM major at UPenn

Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

Energy Espionage Is Threatening The Renewable Boom

Exclusive: Michigan House Committee Threatens Dominion CEO with Subpoena

Federalist Destroys Attempted Debunking Of Late-Night Ballot Malarkey In GA

France: Nearly 400 Incidents Praising Terror Reported in Schools Last Month

FNC’s Hilton: Biden’s Mask Policy ‘Pure BS Plucked Out of Thin Air’

Greek slaves and flute girls in Gujarat

highest-priced Phoenix-area luxury homes sold in Oct

I hugged a monolith and it felt suitably mysterious CNET Logo CNET

ICICI Bank launches interoperable banking app

India-US bond will send a strong message to ‘adversaries’ like China, Russia: US Senator

Inflation tsunami and how to protect your portfolio

Inflation tsunami and how to protect your portfolio

Loeffler: I Advocate for the ‘American Dream,’ Warnock Calls for Socialism

Los Angeles City Council panel seeks to scale back potential LAPD job cuts

Melania Trump cheers new White House tennis pavilion amid ongoing pandemic

Meticulously renovated Pacific Heights residence $14,590,000

Minority Students Crushed By Lockdowns; 600% Increase In Math Failures, 500% English

Orange County Sheriff: We’re Not Enforcing ‘Unfair’ and Unconstitutional COVID Rules

Politics Dem Proposes Tying $1,500 Stimulus Checks To COVID Vaccinations posted 16 hours ago

Sen. Ernst Says Schumer Is Blocking Spending Transparency

Rick Scott: ‘Democrats Want to Control Your Life’

Top Cuban-American Priest: Catholics Must Fight Communism

Street Artist Sabo Demands Recall of ‘Dirtbag’ Gavin Newsom

Survey: 89% of Republicans Say ‘Democratic Voting Process’ Did Not Work Well

Snowflake CEO Earns $95 Million Per Mo

Trump holds multiple calls with Pennsylvania House speaker

WHO Envoy: Life Won’t Return To Normal For At Least 2 Years


FTC, 48 States File Lawsuits to Break Up Facebook

Apple, TSMC rumored to be working on chips for a Tesla-like ‘Apple Car’

Apple starts development of in-house cellular modem

Apple Silicon iMac & MacBook Pro expected in 2021, 32-core Mac Pro in 2022

Apple and Google eliminate apps that use ‘software that provides users’ location information to the military’

SpaceX Nearly Pulls Off The Impossible With Almost Flawless Starship Launch

Elon Musk: SpaceX Will Send People to Mars in 4 to 6 Years

Hyundai to acquire Boston Dynamics

Reseller Bot Software Is Making It Impossible To Buy A Playstation 5 Online

CA Lawmakers Demand Answers From Bank Of America After Tens Of Thousands Of EDD Debit Cards Hacked

Boeing lost more 737 MAX orders and delivered zero 787s in Nov

Mainstream Media, Big Tech Coverup Collapses w Hunter Biden Investigation

FTC, 48 States File Lawsuits to Break Up Facebook

France fines Google, Amazon 135m euros

AI Chief John Giannandrea Takes Over Apple Car Project

NextMind Dev Kit NextMind ships its real-time brain computer interface Dev Kit for $399

Airbnb aims for record IPO w share price of $68

Cruise deploys driverless vehicles on San Francisco streets

Facebook “Fact-Checker” Lead Stories Funded By Controversial Chinese Company

Former 49ers center selling 40-acre East Bay farm citing CA’s Covid restrictions

‘Right to disconnect’ to turn off digital devices and refuse to contact work during non-working hours

1,200 Google employees sign protests, accusing Google of dismissing researchers

Abu Dhabi to Install A.I. Road System to Check for Seat Belts, Phone Use

Booming demand for PCs and phones squeezes tech supply chain

Colombia considers legalization of cocaine industry

Consumer demand straining iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max supply, production lines

FireEye hit by ‘nation-state’ hacking group – Channel Asia

Fry’s Electronics property in Renton will be site of housing dev

Gates Negotiated $100 B Contact Tracing Deal w Dem Congressman 6 Months BEFORE Pandemic

Google announces that it will ‘delete data from accounts that have been inactive for 2 years

Google Illegally Spied On And Retaliated Against Workers, Feds Say

Mobile ECG device firm AliveCor sues Apple for alleged patent infringement

Modernized streetcars give a glimpse into Tampa’s potential mass transit future

Muse S smart headband: Sleep tracking review

Pointed out that drone delivery services will change ‘house design’

Police operate an AI-equipped ‘automatic flight drone’

Port of Seattle, state set to transform historic building into Maritime Innovation Center

Profiles PODS founder takes advantage of NYC’s mass exodus to Florida w new Tampa startup

Researchers are starting to refuse to review Google AI papers

Researchers claim that Macs with Apple’s M1 and T2 chips cannot be reactivated offline

Stadia now lets you send messages to other users

Texas AG Ken Paxton: State Antitrust Lawsuits Against Google Coming in ‘Weeks’

Uber sells autonomous driving division to startups for about 420 billion yen

Why did the cost of generating renewable energy fall so rapidly?

YouTube Will Remove Videos Questioning Biden Election Victory