Anand Giridharadas – son of a McKinsey + Company Director, who 20 years ago told US companies to hire cheap foreign labor and ship US jobs to India. Yes, America is “awash in pain” today – namely because they’ve had their jobs + lives stolen and are being excluded from tech jobs in their own country because of people like Anand Giridharadas. There was no pain in America in 1998. None. Why won’t MSNBC, and Giridharadas do a story about the 1000’s of India Inc staffing companies in America which are all keeping Americans out of jobs? This piece was almost certainly a paid NASSCOM PR piece to distract from yesterday’s DOJ lawsuit against Facebook for that company’s rampant H-1B visa fraud against Americans.

India Inc has to keep the distractions going so no one notices their real RICO operations in the US.

Note how the reporter said “to the Americans” – just more proof our MSM is under foreign control. The entire script was probably written by NASSCOM PR.

MSBNC was the network who years ago let Wipro founder and criminal defamer Azim Premji on to defame US tech workers saying “America does not have the talent“. After Americans founded + created Silicon Valley long before armies of Asian invaders moved in and stole it.

Now they have some anti-American Indian Mafia clown on. Whose dad was instrumental is looting millions of US jobs.

His father was one of the Indians who took over consulting company McKinsey and got the globalization ball rolling 20 years ago. More thieves from India stealing our companies, and then telling us to like it and shut up.

More assault on Americans.

In all likelihood, this plant was put on MSNBC by India’s NASSCOM lobby, which regularly hires US PR firms to pump its lies into US media.

India hates Trump because of H-1B restrictions and they will engage in any tactic including defamation to get their way.

India will just keep pumping these lies + hysteria to get Americans to accept more invasion.

The media has no credibility. None.

We need new laws banning foreign use of US PR firms now.

Indian Mafia invading the US + driving Americans from their jobs is what is killing as many people as possible. That and India’s mass theft of American tech jobs which they steal + move offshore. That’s killing tens of millions of Americans, and ruining millions of others. And this clown tries to cover it up and blame Trump.

FULL BOYCOTT of all NBC properties now folks. Drive them into oblivion.

The Indian Mafia regularly hires US PR firms to pump lies into US media.

“After graduating from college, Giridharadas moved to Mumbai in 2003 as a consultant for the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he followed the path of his father, who was a director at McKinsey”.