We can assure you, this is not what IKON Systems‘ hiring looks like.

Just goes to show, American tech workers are far smarter than most people know – and smarter than most American lawyers.

American tech workers have sued the Indian Mafia in court for decades, but because most US lawyers are morons, they usually lose.

Now a US tech worker, Robert Heath, has beat the Indian Mafia in court.

Every American should do this since the law and evidence are overwhelmingly on our sides.

We have been saying forever that it is quite easy to beat these people in court – if you know what you are doing.

Enjoy your reward, Bob, although it should have been ten times that.


Lone Crusader Wins Battle Against Anti-Citizen Discrimination by Tech Firm

“Robert Heath, a skilled IT worker and a U.S. citizen, operating without a lawyer, has won an important battle with a Dallas-area corporation that published advertisements saying it was interested in hiring specific classes of aliens; in other words, it was discriminating against U.S. citizens, according to a Justice Department press release.

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division on December 8 approved a settlement among Heath (the “charging party”), the Department, and Ikon Systems of Frisco, Texas, the recruiting firm in question. The key section of the settlement is this:

[The government’s] investigation found that … Ikon posted at least eight job advertisements for information technology (“IT”) positions that solicited applications from non-U.S. citizens with immigration statuses associated with certain employment-based visas, and in so doing, harmed U.S. workers (U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, recent lawful permanent residents, asylees, and refugees) by unlawfully deterring or failing to consider them for hire, including the Charging Party”.

The provisions of the settlement included Ikon’s promise to stop discriminating against U.S. workers, a promise to file a series of reports over two years regarding its hiring practices, and the payment of $27,000 to the government and $15,000 to Heath. Ikon also, I assume, had to pay a law firm to handle the case. One of the signatories of the agreement was Deepak Shivva, Ikon’s president.


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