Selective amnesic and NASSCOM poster boy, Vivek Wadhwa.

Funny how NASSCOM poster boy Vivek Wadhwa says US pols need to get their act together to stop crime in America by Americans, who are now desperately stealing food as a result of a 22-year war on them driving them out of the labor force.

Mr Wadhwa, we all know full well the reason these people are destitute is because tens of millions of Indians shoved them out of the workforce and took their jobs.

No jobs, no ability to buy food.

It’s that simple. Pols shouldn’t have to do anything to help people Indians displaced. Instead the displacers should be rounded up and deported since they didn’t create jobs as promised.

Why didn’t 10 million skilled Indians create jobs for Americans as promised? Indians were supposed to be a boon for American workers and the US economy. How come imported Indian workers didn’t keep America going as promsied?

Even more, please explain to us any further justification for importing even one more foreign allegedly skilled worker who is not doing what they said they would do.

There was no heartbreak in America in 1998 when Americans ran the economy.

In 2000 Americans ran the economy and there were no problems in America. Now they’re stealing food because foreign workers didn’t create new jobs for everyone as promised. Americans have been driven more and more out of the workforce since 2000 and have never recovered. Why won’t statistics-minded Vivek Wadhwa discuss that fact?

Far from focusing on tech, Fraudhwa in this NASSCOM-paid BBC interview can only rejoice over all the “Taj-Mahal”-like houses Indians stole from American workers in Silicon Valley.

Enough of the dirty schemes + H-1B visa fraud India Inc staffing companies pull on Americans in America every day.