Yeah like India is going to do anything about it.

India isn’t about to stop religious persecution, since H-1B-violating criminal US corporations need to keep doing all the H-1B visa fraud to get their cheap labor.

From a reader:

"Dear Ambassador Brownback,

Thank you and Sec. Pompeo for raising Religious Freedom privately with India - so could you please give some examples that its has been successful or has it failed? 

The increase in Religious Persecution of Christians, Muslims and Dalits in India the past 4 years including our dear brothers and sisters at Persecution Relief recently being targeted by the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Home Ministry strongly suggest that it hasn't which makes it appear that the Trump Administration have not mastered the art of the deal and may be going out with a lose instead of a big win. 

The US State Department / Sec Pompeo, You and USCIRF especially VC Tony Perkins have had some great success stories in other parts of the world which have been mostly Islamic Countries so why not India which has a strong Hindutva Lobby?"