How badly has 30 years of flooding CA with millions of H-1Bs from India destroyed that state?

Bad enough that one of the biggest and oldest tech companies in Silicon Valley – Oracle – is now fleeing CA.

Oracle, started in 1977 by Larry Ellison – and one of the largest H-1B abusers in America – is now abandoning the Bay Area for Austin TX.

Do Ellison + company not realize that it is their own H-1B fraud policies and practices that trashed the state?

There is already evidence that once-pleasant Austin is already beginning to decline as CA has – due mainly to all the H-1Bs flooding in.

The simple truth is, everywhere armies of H-1Bs move, the place dies.

CA has been trashed.

As we said long ago, Silicon Valley has no future, long-term, and Oracle’s move is just one more example.

The millions of H-1Bs didn’t keep the state competitive as promised, yet companies such as Oracle continue to import more of them.

Oracle favored foreign college graduates, feds allege