This is about cheap foreign labor.

And about human traffcking.

Business elites demand an economy rigged in their favor.

There are tens of millions of skilled Americans available for these jobs. This is cheap-labor human trafficking.

And it is illegal.

20-30 million Americans are unemployed right now. It is illegal under Title 8 of US law to hire any foreign national, skilled or unskilled, if doing so “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”.

These business journals love to excuse their crimes, but most US busineses are doing just that – organized crime – and getting away with it.

Does matter what businesse “consider”. What matters is the law. Businesses are not above the law – and are not allowed to do whatever they want just because the want it.


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There’s no shortage of labour. Employers just need to improve their offer

There is no shortage of workers in America – only a shortage of cheap, captive, exploitable workers that companies can treat like slaves.

“If U.S. companies were using visas to replace higher-paid Americans, Shihab said, applications would have spiked during the recession in 2008 and 2009”.

How could applications have spiked in 2008 and 2009 when there were mass layoffs and mass job losses. Millions of jobs were simply destroyed in the 2008 collapse. The 2008 collapse, BTW was caused by Wall St companies such as Lehman laying all their highly-paid American workers off and replacing them with incompetent losers from India Inc staffing companies such as Wipro, These failed losers wiped out 1000s of Wall St jobs and sent millions of American workers packing.

These India Inc workers fled Silicon Valley in 2002 after destroying that industry after the 1998-2001 visa cap increases passed by then-President Bill Clinton. They moved to Wall St to get high paying jobs held by Americans, and then Wall St. collapsed too 6 years later.

Invade. Takeover. Remit. Collapse.

It’s how India Inc rolls.

The whole thing is a mass illegal organized crime collusion on the part of business, Indian staffing companies, and gov’t to rig the labor market with cheap labor. Rigging markets in the US is a Federal crime. Most Chamber of Commerce lackeys should be in prison for what they are doing.